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Vincent Ladeuil
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1 Alexander Belchenko, 7 Jelmer Vernooij, 3 Martin Packman, 1 Neil Martinsen-Burrell, 3 Vincent Ladeuil
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download icon Bazaar-2.6b2-OSX-10.6-1.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.6 installer 5,056
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.6b2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 16,262
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Release notes 

This is the second beta for the 2.6 series, leading up to a 2.6.0 release in
August 2012.

This release includes minor bug fixes.

This release includes all bugs fixed in previous series known at the time of
this release.

Beta releases are suitable for everyday use but may cause some
incompatibilities with plugins. Some plugins may need small updates to work
with 2.6b2.


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External Compatibility Breaks


New Features

* New option ``--overwrite-tags`` for ``bzr pull`` and ``bzr push``.
  (Jelmer Vernooij, #681792)


* Colocated branches can now be addressed using the 'co:NAME' rather than
  the more complex 'file://.,branch=NAME'. (Jelmer Vernooij, #833665)

Bug Fixes

* "bzr missing" now shows tag names when displaying revision information.
  (#559072, Neil Martinsen-Burrell)

* Fix ``branch.conf`` saving when unlocking the branch for BranchFormat4.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #1020007)

* Implement ``ResponseFile.readline`` and ``ReponseFile.tell``,
  fixing some clones over HTTP. (Jelmer Vernooij, #963769)

* Option values set on locked branches should be saved only when the branch
  is finally unlocked. (Vincent Ladeuil, #948339)


* Document "bzr lp-propose", "bzr register-branch" and
  the other Launchpad plugin commands in bzr(1).
  (Jelmer Vernooij, #843801, #163995)

* Force format registration to avoid traceback when the
  registry is empty. (Vincent Ladeuil, #956860)

* Generate ``ENVIRONMENT`` section in bzr(1) from known environment variable
  list rather than hardcoding. (Jelmer Vernooij, #197618)

API Changes

* ``register_filter_stack_map`` and ``lazy_register_filter_stack_map``
  are noew deprecated. Instead, use ``filter_stacks_registry.register``
  and ``filter_stacks_registry.register_lazy``.
  (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Remove deprecated Branch.import_last_revision(). (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Remove deprecated ``RepositoryFormat.register_format``.
  (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Remove deprecated Repository.get_ancestry(). (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Remove deprecated Repository.iter_reverse_revision_history().
  (Jelmer Vernooij)

* The previously deprecated ``bzrlib.annotate.annotate_file`` function
  has been removed. (Jelmer Vernooij)




* Fix test failures by removing a remaining reference to ``features.sphinx``
  which isn't needed anymore since we don't test the texinfo sphinx builder
  anymore either. (Vincent Ladeuil)

0 blueprints and 17 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
963769 #963769 AttributeError "'ResponseFile' object has no attribute 'readline'" in _read_prefix during pull 2 Critical Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
681792 #681792 wishlist: bzr pull --overwrite-tags 3 High Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
940704 #940704 [i18n] bzr python installation should look for mo files in system python location 3 High Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
948339 #948339 BranchStack caching misbehaves 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
966934 #966934 [i18n] bzr commands affected working tree crashed with unicode error in non-english locale 3 High Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
1014570 #1014570 bzr: Unable to sign commits: "no terminal at all requested" 3 High Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
1020007 #1020007 BranchFormat4 uses an different lock strategy defeating bran.conf saving when unlocking 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
197618 #197618 Document BZR_REMOTE_PATH in man page 4 Medium Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
559072 #559072 "bzr missing" should show a revision's tags 4 Medium Neil Martinsen-Burrell  10 Fix Released
833665 #833665 shortcut for specifying colocated branches 4 Medium Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
843801 #843801 bzr lp-propose is undocumented (please add to manpage) 4 Medium Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
956860 #956860 python tools/ -o doc/en/user-reference/index.txt rstx fails with a traceback in a fresh branch 4 Medium Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
967060 #967060 [win32] `bzr add file` in git tree fails with traceback: _Win32Stat misses st_uid/st_gid members 4 Medium Alexander Belchenko  10 Fix Released
488766 #488766 crash reporter should squash errors while formatting the plugin list 5 Low   10 Fix Released
140874 #140874 build tests seem to run with $HOME set to cwd or tree root 6 Wishlist Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
830781 #830781 Tree.iter_child_entries() method 6 Wishlist Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
593536 #593536 Test failure: IllegalUseOfScopeReplacer: ScopeReplacer object 'ui' was used incorrectly 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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