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bzr 0.12rc1 2006-10-23


    * ``bzr log`` now shows dotted-decimal revision numbers for all
    revisions, rather than just showing a decimal revision number for
    revisions on the mainline. These revision numbers are not yet
    accepted as input into bzr commands such as log, diff etc. (Robert

    * revisions can now be specified using dotted-decimal revision
    numbers. For instance, ``bzr diff -r 1.2.1..1.2.3. (Robert

    * ``bzr help commands`` output is now shorter (Aaron Bentley)

    * New connection: ``bzr+http://`` which supports tunnelling the
    smart protocol over an HTTP connection. If writing is enabled on
    the bzr server, then you can write over the http connection.
    (Andrew Bennetts)

    * ``bzr`` now uses lazy importing to reduce the startup time. This
    has a moderate effect on lots of actions, especially ones that have
    little to do. For example ``bzr rocks`` time is down to 116ms from
    283ms. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * New Registry class to provide name-to-object registry-like
    support, for example for schemes where plugins can register new
    classes to do certain tasks (e.g. log formatters). Also provides
    lazy registration to allow modules to be loaded on request. (John
    Arbash Meinel, Adeodato Simó)


    * LogFormatter subclasses show now expect the 'revno' parameter to
    show() to be a string rather than an int. (Robert Collins)


    * ``TestCase.run_bzr``, ``run_bzr_captured``, and
    ``run_bzr_subprocess`` can take a ``working_dir='foo'`` parameter,
    which will change directory for the command. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * ``bzrlib.lazy_regex.lazy_compile`` can be used to create a proxy
    around a regex, which defers compilation until first use. (John
    Arbash Meinel)

    * ``TestCase.run_bzr_subprocess`` defaults to supplying the
    ``--no-plugins`` parameter to ensure test reproducability, and
    avoid problems with system-wide installed plugins. (John Arbash

    * Unique tree root ids are now supported. Newly created trees still
    use the common root id for compatibility with bzr versions before
    0.12. (Aaron Bentley)

    * ``WorkingTree.set_root_id(None)`` is now deprecated. Please pass
    in inventory.ROOT_ID if you want the default root id value.
    (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel)

    * New method ``WorkingTree.flush()`` which will write the current
    memory inventory out to disk. At the same time,
    read_working_inventory will no longer trash the current tree
    inventory if it has been modified within the current lock, and the
    tree will now ``flush()`` automatically on ``unlock()``.
    ``WorkingTree.set_root_id()`` has been updated to take advantage of
    this functionality. (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel)

    * ``bzrlib.tsort.merge_sorted`` now accepts ``generate_revnos``.
    This parameter will cause it to add another column to its output,
    which contains the dotted-decimal revno for each revision, as a
    tuple. (Robert Collins)

    * ``LogFormatter.show_merge`` is deprecated in favour of
    ``LogFormatter.show_merge_revno``. (Robert Collins)


    * Avoid circular imports by creating a deprecated function for
    ``bzrlib.tree.RevisionTree``. Callers should have been using
    ``bzrlib.revisontree.RevisionTree`` anyway. (John Arbash Meinel,
    #63360, #66349)

    * Don't use ``socket.MSG_WAITALL`` as it doesn't exist on all
    platforms. (Martin Pool, #66356)

    * Don't require ``Content-Type`` in range responses. Assume they
    are a single range if ``Content-Type`` does not exist. (John
    Arbash Meinel, #62473)

    * bzr branch/pull no longer complain about progress bar cleanup
    when interrupted during fetch. (Aaron Bentley, #54000)

    * ``WorkingTree.set_parent_trees()`` uses the trees to directly
    write the basis inventory, rather than going through the
    repository. This allows us to have 1 inventory read, and 2
    inventory writes when committing a new tree. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * When reverting, files that are not locally modified that do not
    exist in the target are deleted, not just unversioned (Aaron

    * When trying to acquire a lock, don't fail immediately. Instead,
    try a few times (up to 1 hour) before timing out. Also, report why
    the lock is unavailable (John Arbash Meinel, #43521, #49556)

    * Leave HttpTransportBase daughter classes decides how they
    implement cloning. (Vincent Ladeuil, #61606)

    * diff3 does not indicate conflicts on clean merge. (Aaron Bentley)


    * New test base class TestCaseWithMemoryTransport offers
    memory-only testing facilities: its not suitable for tests that
    need to mutate disk state, but most tests should not need that and
    should be converted to TestCaseWithMemoryTransport. (Robert

    * ``TestCase.make_branch_and_memory_tree`` now takes a format
    option to set the BzrDir, Repository and Branch formats of the
    created objects. (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel)

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