Bazaar 2.2.0 "La Hulpe"

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La Hulpe
John A Meinel
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2 Andrew Bennetts, 1 Eric Moritz, 1 Gary van der Merwe, 2 Jelmer Vernooij, 1 Martin Packman, 6 Martin Pool, 2 Martin von Gagern, 1 Mattias Eriksson, 1 Michal Junák, 4 Parth Malwankar, 2 Robert Collins, 2 Vincent Ladeuil
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download icon Bazaar-2.2.0-OSX-10.5-1.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.5 universal installer 703
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon Bazaar-2.2.0-OSX-10.6-1.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.6 universal installer 3,228
last downloaded 45 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.2.0-setup.exe (md5, sig) Standalone Windows Installer 7,866
last downloaded 64 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.2.0.win32-py2.6.exe (md5) Windows python2.6 installer 701
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.2.0.win32-py2.5.exe (md5) Windows python2.5 installer 203
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.2.0.win32-py2.4.exe (md5) Windows python2.4 installer 122
last downloaded 59 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Bazaar 2.2.0 Source 3,140
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 15,963

Release notes 

This release marks the start of another long-term-stable series. From here, we will only make bugfix releases on the 2.2 series (2.2.1, etc), while 2.3 will become our new development series. The 2.0 and 2.1 series will also continue to get bugfixes. (Currently 2.0 is planned to be supported for another 6 months.)

This is primarily a bugfix and polish release over the 2.1 series, with a large number of bugs fixed (>120), and some performance improvements.

There are some compatibility changes in this release. For users of bzrlib as a library, we now request that they call "bzrlib.initialize" and use the returned context manager appropriately. For commandline users we no longer guess user identity for "bzr commit", users must specify their identity using "bzr whoami" (you don't need to specify your identity for readonly operations).

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series.


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bzr 2.2

:Codename: La Hulpe
:2.2: 2010-08-06

This release marks the start of another long-term-stable series. From
here, we will only make bugfix releases on the 2.2 series (2.2.1, etc),
while 2.3 will become our new development series. The 2.0 and 2.1 series
will also continue to get bugfixes. (Currently 2.0 is planned to be
supported for another 6 months.)

This is primarily a bugfix and polish release over the 2.1 series, with
a large number of bugs fixed (>120), and some performance improvements.

There are some compatibility changes in this release. For users of bzrlib
as a library, we now request that they call ``bzrlib.initialize`` and use
the returned context manager appropriately. For commandline users we no
longer guess user identity for ``bzr commit``, users must specify their
identity using ``bzr whoami`` (you don't need to specify your identity for
readonly operations).

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series.

Compatibility Breaks

* BzrError subclasses no longer support the name "message" to be used
  as an argument for __init__ or in _fmt format specification as this
  breaks in some Python versions. errors.LockError.__init__ argument
  is now named "msg" instead of earlier "message".
  (Parth Malwankar, #603461)

* The old ``bzr selftest --benchmark`` option has been removed.
  <> is an actively-maintained
  macrobenchmark suite.
  (Martin Pool)

Bug Fixes

* ``bzr ignore PATTERNS`` exits with error if a bad pattern is supplied.
  ``InvalidPattern`` exception error message now shows faulting
  regular expression.
  (Parth Malwankar #300062)

* Configuration files in ``${BZR_HOME}`` are now written in an atomic
  way which should help avoid problems with concurrent writers.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #525571)

* Don't traceback trying to unversion children files of an already
  unversioned directory. (Vincent Ladeuil, #494221)

* ``HTTP/1.1` test servers now set a ``Content-Length`` header to comply
  with pedantic ``HTTP/1.1`` clients. (Vincent Ladeuil, #568421)

* Progress bars prefer to truncate the text message rather than the
  counters. The spinner is shown between the network transfer indicator
  and the progress message. Progress bars are correctly cleared off when
  they finish. (Martin Pool, #611127)

* Recursive binding for checkouts is now detected by bzr. A clear error
  message is shown to the user. (Parth Malwankar, #405192)


* Add ``bzrlib.merge.MergeIntoMerger``, which can merge part or all of a
  tree, and works with unrelated branches. (Andrew Bennetts)

* Add py2exe windows target ``bzrw.exe``. This allow for starting a Bazaar
  GUI with out have a console open in the background.
  (Gary van der Merwe, #433781)


* ``bzr help patterns`` now explains case insensitive patterns and
  points to Python regular expression documentation.
  (Parth Malwankar, #594386)

API Changes

* Delete ``ProgressTask.note``, which was deprecated in 2.1.


* Unit test added to ensure that "message" is not uses as a format variable
  name in BzrError subclasses as this conflicts with some Python versions.
  (Parth Malwankar, #603461)

bzr 2.2b4

:Codename: Monkey Magic
:2.2b4: 2004-07-09

This fourth and final beta in the 2.2 series now stabilizes the internal
APIs. Plugin authors are recommended to ensure their releases are
compatible, so that 2.2rc1 can be a true release candidate, containing
stable and compatible plugin versions.

For users of bzrlib as a library, one of the primary changes is to request
that they call ``bzrlib.initialize`` and use the returned context manager

Better interaction with ``bzr-loom`` to make sure branching from a loom
even over a smart server still yields a local loom. Not to mention lots of
bugfixes over 2.2b3.

Compatibility Breaks

* bzrlib library users now need to call ``__enter__`` and ``__exit__`` on
  the result of ``bzrlib.initialize``. This change was made when fixing
  the bad habit recent bzr versions have had of leaving progress bars
  behind on the screen. That required calling another function before
  exiting the program, and it made sense to provide a full context
  manager at the same time. (Robert Collins)

* The ``bzr`` front end now requires a ``bzrlib.ui.ui_factory`` which is a
  context manager in the Python 2.5 and above sense. The bzrlib base class
  is such a manager, but third party UI factories which do not derive from
  ``bzrlib.ui.UIFactory`` will be incompatible with the command line front

* URLs like ``foo:bar/baz`` are now always parsed as a URL with scheme "foo"
  and path "bar/baz", even if bzr does not recognize "foo" as a known URL
  scheme. Previously these URLs would be treated as local paths.
  (Gordon Tyler)

New Features

* Support ``--directory`` option for a number of additional commands:
  conflicts, merge-directive, missing, resolve, shelve, switch,
  unshelve, whoami. (Martin von Gagern, #527878)

Bug Fixes

* ``bzr branch`` to a new repository with a default stacking policy no
  longer transfers the full history unnecessarily.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #597942)

* ``bzr init`` does not recursively scan directory contents anymore
  leading to faster init for directories with existing content.
  (Martin [gz], Parth Malwankar, #501307)

* ``bzr log --exclude-common-ancestry`` is now taken into account for
  linear ancetries. (Vincent Ladeuil, #575631)

* ``bzr log -r branch:REMOTE`` can now properly log the remote branch,
  rather than trying to fetch the data locally and failing because of a
  readonly error. (Martin von Gagern, #149270)

* ``bzr pull`` now works when a lp: URL is explicitly defined as the parent
  or pull location in locations.conf or branch.conf.
  (Gordon Tyler, #534787)

* ``bzr reconfigure --unstacked`` now works with branches accessed via a
  smart server. (Andrew Bennetts, #551525)

* ``BzrDir.find_branches`` should ignore branches with missing repositories.
  (Marius Kruger, Robert Collins)

* ``BzrDir.find_bzrdirs`` should ignore dirs that raises PermissionDenied.
  (Marius Kruger, Robert Collins)

* Ensure that wrong path specifications in ``BZR_PLUGINS_AT`` display
  proper error messages. (Vincent Ladeuil, #591215)

* Explicitly removing ``--profile-imports`` option from parsed command-line
  arguments on Windows, because bzr script does the same.
  (Alexander Belchenko, #588277)

* Fetching was slightly confused about the best code to use and was
  using a new code path for all branches, resulting in more lookups than
  necessary on old branches. (Robert Collins, #593515)

* Final fix for 'no help for command' issue. We now show a clean message
  when a command has no help, document how to set help more clearly, and
  test that all commands available to the test suite have help.
  (Robert Collins, #177500)

* Invalid patterns supplied to ``Globster`` or ``lazy_regex`` now raise
  ``InvalidPattern`` exception showing clear error message to the user.
  (Parth Malwankar #300062)

* Progress output is cleaned up when exiting. (Aaron Bentley)

* Raise ValueError instead of a string exception.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #586926)

* Relative imports in plugins are now handled correctly when using
  BZR_PLUGINS_AT. (Vincent Ladeuil, #588959)

* ``ScriptRunner`` now strips off leading indentation from test scripts,
  which previously caused "SyntaxError: No command for line".
  (Martin Pool)

* Show unicode filenames in diff headers using terminal encoding.
  (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #382699)
  NOTE for Windows users: If user need to save diff to file then user need to
  change encoding of the terminal to ANSI encoding with command ``chcp XXX``
  (e.g. ``chcp 1251`` for Russian Windows).

* URL displayed for use with ``break-lock`` when smart server sees lock
  contention are now valid. Default timeout for lock contention retry is
  now 30 seconds instead of 300 seconds.
  (Parth Malwankar, #250451)

* ``walkdirs`` now raises a useful message when the filenames are not using
  the filesystem encoding. (Eric Moritz, #488519)

* Enable debugging of bzr on windows with pdb and other tools. This was
  broken because we call GetCommandLineW on windows. The fix adjusts the
  command line we get to be the same length as sys.argv.
  (Jason Spashett, Alexander Belchenko, #587868)


* Bazaar now reads data from SSH connections more efficiently on platforms
  that provide the ``socketpair`` function, and when using paramiko.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #590637)

* ``Branch.copy_content_into`` is now a convenience method dispatching to
  a ``InterBranch`` multi-method. This permits ``bzr-loom`` and other
  plugins to intercept this even when a ``RemoteBranch`` proxy is in use.
  (Robert Collins, #201613)

* ``Branch`` formats can now be loaded lazily by registering a
  ``MetaDirBranchFormatFactory`` rather than an actual format. This will
  cause the named format class to be loaded only when an enumeration of
  formats is needed or when the format string for the object is
  encountered. (Robert Collins, Jelmer Vernooij)

* The encoding that bzr uses to output things other than file content can
  now be overridden via the output_encoding configuration option.
  (Martin Pool, #340394)

* Use lazy imports in ``bzrlib/`` so that plugins like ``news_merge``
  do not cause modules to be loaded unnecessarily just because the plugin
  registers a merge hook. This improves ``bzr rocks`` time by about 25%
  in a default installation (with just the core plugins).
  (Andrew Bennetts)


* Added ``regression`` tag to our tags list. (Robert Collins)

* Improved our release checklist to have a bit less churn and leave things
  ready-to-go for the next action (including other people doing
  development). (Robert Collins)

* Remove obsolete discussion of PQM in documentation about how to
  contribute to Bazaar. (Martin Pool, #588444)

API Changes

* ``bzrlib.branch.InterBranch._get_branch_formats_to_test`` now returns
  an iterable of format pairs, rather than just a single pair, permitting
  InterBranch objects that work with multiple permutations to be
  comprehensively tested. (Robert Collins)

* ``bzrlib.lsprof.profile`` will no longer silently generate bad threaded
  profiles when concurrent profile requests are made. Instead the profile
  requests will be serialised. Reentrant requests will now deadlock.
  (Robert Collins)

* ``bzrlib.knit.KnitSequenceMatcher``, which has been deprecated since
  2007, has been deleted. Use ``PatienceSequenceMatcher`` from
  ``bzrlib.patiencediff`` instead. (Andrew Bennetts)

* ``bzrlib.re_compile_checked`` is now deprecated. Caller should handle
  ``bzrlib.errors.InvalidPattern`` exception thrown by ``re.match`` in
  case the default error message not suitable for the use case.
  (Parth Malwankar)

* ``bzrlib.tests.blackbox.ExternalBase`` is deprecated. It provided only
  one method ``check_output``, and we now recommend checking command
  output using ``run_script``. (Martin Pool)

* ``bzrlib.transport.ssh.SSHVendor.connect_ssh`` now returns an object
  that implements the interface of ``bzrlib.transport.ssh.SSHConnection``.
  Third-party implementations of ``SSHVendor`` may need to be updated
  accordingly. Similarly, any code using ``SSHConnection`` directly will
  need to be updated. (Andrew Bennetts)

* The constructor of ```` has
  changed to take an ``SSHParams`` instance (replacing many individual
  values). (Andrew Bennetts)


* ``bzrlib.osutils.get_terminal_encoding`` will now only mutter its
  selection when explicitly requested; this avoids many duplicate calls
  being logged when helpers, wrappers and older code that manually calls
  it are executed it is now logged deliberately by the ui setup code.
  (Robert Collins)

* Improved ``bzrlib.urlutils`` to handle lp:foo/bar URLs. (Gordon Tyler)

* ``bzrlib._c_static_tuple.StaticTuple`` now implements ``__sizeof__``, so
  that ``sys.getsizeof`` and other memory analysis tools will report more
  accurate results. (Andrew Bennetts)

* The symbol_versioning module can now cleanup after itself -
  ``suppress_deprecation_warnings`` now returns a cleanup function.
  (Robert Collins)


* Add ``bzrlib.tests.fixtures`` to hold code for setting up objects
  to test. (Martin Pool)

* ``test_import_tariff`` now respects BZR_PLUGINS_AT and BZR_PLUGINS_DISABLE.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #595587)

bzr 2.2b3

:2.2b3: 2010-05-28

This third beta in the 2.2 series brings with it all the goodness of 2.1.2
and 2.0.6 (though it preceeds 2.0.6 slightly). Of particular note for
users are compatibility fixes with bzr 1.5 and below servers, a hopeful
end to the EINTR errors caused by SIGWINCH interactions, a shiny new
bash completion script and bzr will no longer guess at identity details -
it was too unreliable in reality. Use ``bzr whoami`` on every new install.
For developers we have some API changes which may impact plugins as well
as a bunch of our regular improvements to internal clarity and test

Compatibility Breaks

* An API break has been made to the lock_write method of ``Branch`` and
  ``Repository`` objects; they now return ``branch.BranchWriteLockResult``
  and ``repository.RepositoryWriteLockResult`` objects. This makes
  changing the API in future easier and permits some cleaner calling code.
  The lock_read method has also changed from having no defined return
  value to returning ``LogicalLockResult`` objects.
  (Robert Collins)

* ``bzr`` does not try to guess the username as ``username@hostname``
  and requires it to be explictly set. This can be set using ``bzr
  whoami``. (Parth Malwankar, #549310)

* ``bzrlib.commands.Command`` will now raise ValueError during
  construction if there is no __doc__ set. (Note, this will be reverted in
  2.2b4) (Robert Collins)

* The source tree no longer contains a contrib/zsh/_bzr completion
  script. The new file contrib/zsh/README suggests alternatives.
  (Martin von Gagern, #560030)

New Features

* ``bzr commit`` accepts ``-p`` (for "patch") as a shorter name for
  (Parth Malwankar, #571467)

* ``bzr ignore`` now supports a ``--default-rules`` option that displays
  the default ignore rules used by bzr. The flag ``--old-default-rules``
  is no longer supported by ``ignore``.
  (Parth Malwankar, #538703)

* ``bzr pack`` now supports a ``--clean-obsolete-packs`` option that
  can save disk space by deleting obsolete pack files created during the
  pack operation.
  (Parth Malwankar, #304320)

* New command line option ``--authors`` to ``bzr log`` allows users to
  select which of the apparent authors and committer should be
  included in the log. Defaults depend on format. (Martin von Gagern, #513322)

* Support ``--directory`` option for a number of additional commands:
  added, annotate, bind, cat, cat-revision, clean-tree, deleted,
  export, ignore, ignored, lookup-revision, ls, modified, nick,
  re-sign, unbind, unknowns.
  (Martin von Gagern, #527878)

* The bash_completion plugin from the bzr-bash-completion project has
  been merged into the tree. It provides a bash-completion command and
  replaces the outdated ``contrib/bash/bzr`` script with a version
  using the plugin. (Martin von Gagern, #560030)

* A new transport based on GIO (the gnome i/o library) provides access to
  samba shares, webdav using gio+smb and gio+dav. It is also possible to
  use gio for some already existing transport methods as gio+file,
  gio+sftp, gio+ftp.
  (Mattias Eriksson)

Bug Fixes

* Alias information shown by ``bzr help`` is now accurate. This
  was showing an internal object name for some plugin aliases.
  (Parth Malwankar, #584650)

* ``.bazaar``, ``.bazaar/bazaar.conf`` and ``.bzr.log`` inherit user and
  group ownership from the containing directory. This allow bzr to work
  better with sudo.
  (Martin <email address hidden>, Parth Malwankar, #376388)

* ``bzr clean-tree`` should not delete nested bzrdirs. Required for proper
  support of bzr-externals and scmproj plugins.
  (Alexander Belchenko, bug #572098)

* ``bzr ignore`` will no longer add duplicate patterns to .bzrignore.
  (Gordon Tyler, #572092)

* ``bzr log --exclude-common-ancestry -r X..Y`` displays the revisions that
  are part of Y ancestry but not part of X ancestry (aka the graph
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #320119)

* ``bzr lp-propose`` which was switched to use production Launchpad API
  servers a few commits ago has been reverted to use edge: there is a
  problem with using production which isn't trivially obvious, so we've
  filed a bug to track it, and until thats fixed will be using edge.
  (Robert Collins, #583667)

* ``bzr rm`` should not refuse to delete directories which contained a file
  which has been moved elsewhere in the tree after the previous commit.
  (Marius Kruger, Daniel Watkins, #129880)

* ``bzr selftest --parallel=fork`` wait for its children avoiding zombies.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #566670)

* ``bzr selftest`` should not use ui.note() since it's not unicode safe.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #563997)

* CommitBuilder refuses to create revisions whose trees have no root.
  (Aaron Bentley)

* Do not register a SIGWINCH signal handler, instead just poll for the
  terminal width as needed. This avoids the "Interrupted System Call"
  problems that occur on POSIX with all currently released versions of
  (Andrew Bennetts, #583941)

* Don't mention --no-strict when we just issue the warning about unclean trees.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #401599)

* Fixed ``AssertionError`` when accessing smart servers running Bazaar
  versions before 1.6.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #528041)

* Improved progress bar for fetch (2a format only). Bazaar now shows an
  estimate of the number of records to be fetched vs actually fetched.
  (Parth Malwankar, #374740, #538868)

* Reduce peak memory by one copy of compressed text.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #566940)

* ``RemoteBranch.lock_write`` raises ``ReadOnlyError`` if called during a
  read lock, rather than causing an ``AttributeError``.
  (Andrew Bennetts, Данило Шеган, #582781)

* Selftest was failing with testtools 0.9.3, which caused an
  AssertionError raised from a cleanUp to be reported as a Failure, not an
  Error, breaking on of our test hygiene tests.
  (Robert Collins, Vincent Ladeuil).

* ``set_user_option`` with a dict on remote branches no longer fails with
  an AttributeError. There is a new ``Branch.set_config_option_dict`` RPC
  to support this efficiently.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #430382)

* Show the filenames when a file rename fails so that the error will be
  more comprehensible.
  (Martin Pool, #491763)

* Support Pyrex 0.9.9, required changing how we handle exceptions in Pyrex.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #582656)

* Unicode characters in aliases are now handled correctly and do not cause
  UnicodeEncodeError exception. (Parth Malwankar, #529930)

* Unicode commit messages that are the same as a file name no longer cause
  UnicodeEncodeError. ``ui.text.show_warning`` now handles unicode
  (Parth Malwankar, #563646)

* Using bzr with `lp:` urls behind an http proxy should work.
  (Robert Collins, #558343)

* When passing a file to ``UTF8DirReader`` make sure to close the current
  directory file handle after the chdir fails. Otherwise when passing many
  filenames into a command line ``bzr status`` we would leak descriptors.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #583486)


* ``append_revisions_only`` will now be interpreted as a boolean and a
  warning emitted if illegal values are used. Note that for projects
  that needs to maintain compatibility with previsous bzr versions,
  only 'True' and 'False' strings must be used (previous versions of
  bzr will interpret all strings differing from 'True'
  (case-sensitive) as false.
  (Brian de Alwis, Vincent Ladeuil)

* ``bzr ls`` now supports short options for existing long options.
  ``-k/--kind``, ``-i/--ignored``, ``-u/--unknown`` and ``-0/--null``.
  (Parth Malwankar, #181124)

* ``Config.get_user_option_as_bool`` will now warn if a value cannot
  be interpreted as a boolean.
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* The all-in-one Windows installer will now be built with docstrings stripped
  from the library zip, reducing the size and slightly improving cold startup
  time. Bundled plugins are unchanged for the moment, but if adding other new
  plugins to an all-in-one installation, ensure they are compiled and
  installed with -O1 or help may not work. (Martin [gz])

API Changes

* Added ``bzrlib.merge.PerFileMerger``, a more convenient way to write
  some kinds of ``merge_file_content`` hook functions.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* `BzrDir`, `Branch`, `Repository` and `WorkingTree` now all support `user_url`,
  `user_transport`, `control_url` and `control_transport` members pointing
  respectively to the directory containing the ``.bzr`` control directory,
  and to the directory within ``.bzr`` used for the particular component.
  All of them inherit from `ControlComponent` which provides default
  (Martin Pool)

* Lock methods on ``Tree``, ``Branch`` and ``Repository`` are now
  expected to return an object which can be used to unlock them. This reduces
  duplicate code when using cleanups. The previous 'tokens's returned by
  ``Branch.lock_write`` and ``Repository.lock_write`` are now attributes
  on the result of the lock_write. ``repository.RepositoryWriteLockResult``
  and ``branch.BranchWriteLockResult`` document this. (Robert Collins)

* ``Repository.refresh_data`` may now be called in a write group on
  pack-based repositories. Older repositories will still raise an error
  in this case. Subclasses of ``Repository`` can still override
  ``Repository._refresh_data``, but are now responsible for raising
  ``bzrlib.repository.IsInWriteGroupError`` if they do not support
  ``refresh_data`` during a write group.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #574236)


* ``chk_map._bytes_to_text_key`` is now an optimized function to extract
  the (file-id, revision-id) key from a CHKInventory entry. This can
  potentially shave 5-10% time off during a large fetch. Related to bug
  #562666. (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``log._get_info_for_log_files`` now takes an add_cleanup callable.
  (Robert Collins)

* ``_remember_remote_is_before`` no longer raises AssertionError when
  suboptimal network behaviour is noticed; instead it just mutters to the
  log file (and warns the user if they have set the ``hpss`` debug flag).
  This was causing unnecessary aborts for performance bugs that are minor
  at worst.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #528041)

* Permit bzr to run under ``python -OO`` which reduces the size of bytecode
  files loaded from disk. To ensure docstrings needed for help are never
  stripped, the prefix ``__doc__ =`` should now be used.
  (Martin <email address hidden>)

* No longer require zlib headers to build extensions, and remove the need
  for seperate copy of zlib library on windows.
  (John Arbash Meinel, Martin <email address hidden>, #566923)


* Added ``bzrlib.tests.matchers`` as a place to put matchers, along with
  our first in-tree matcher. See the module docstring for details.
  (Robert Collins)

* ``bzr selftest --parallel=subprocess`` now works correctly on win32.
   (Gordon Tyler, #551332)

* Workaround ``Crypto.Random`` check leading to spurious test
  failures on Lucid, FreeBSD and gentoo.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #528436)

* New class ``ExecutableFeature`` for checking the availability of
  executables on the ``PATH``. Migrated from bash_completion plugin.
  (Martin von Gagern)

bzr 2.2b2

:2.2b2: 2010-04-16

This is a somewhat early second beta of the 2.2 series, to fix a python2.4
incompatibility in the 2.2b1 release. It also includes a swag of
performance, usability and correctness improvements: test feedback on all
of these would be welcome.

New Features

* ``bzr diff`` now supports a --format option, which can be used to
  select alternative diff formats. (Jelmer Vernooij, #555994)

Bug Fixes

* ``bzr dpush``, ``bzr push`` and ``bzr send`` will now issue a warning
  instead of failing when dirty trees are involved. The corresponding
  ``dpush_strict``, ``push_strict`` and ``send_strict`` should be set to
  True explicitly to get the previous behaviour.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #519319)

* ``bzr export`` to tar file does not fail if any parent directory
  contains unicode characters. This works around upstream Python bug .
  (Parth Malwankar, #413406)

* ``bzr switch`` does not die if a ConfigurableFileMerger is used.
  (Aaron Bentley, #559436)

* ``bzr update`` when a pending merge in the working tree has been merged
  into the master branch will no longer claim that old commits have become
  pending merges. (Robert Collins, #562079)

* ``bzrlib.mutabletree.MutableTree.commit`` will now support a passed in
  config as in previous versions of bzrlib. (Robert Collins)

* Fix glitch in the warning about unclean trees display.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #562665)

* Fixed Python2.4 incompatibilities in the bzr2.2b1 source tarball.
  (Martin Pool)

* Help messages generated by ``RegistryOption.from_kwargs`` list the
  switches in alphabetical order, rather than in an undefined order.
  (Martin von Gagern, #559409)

* Make sure the ``ExecutablePath`` and ``InterpreterPath`` are set in
  Apport crash reports, to avoid "This problem report applies to a program
  which is not installed any more" error.
  (Martin Pool, James Westby, #528114)

* Reset ``siginterrupt`` flag to False every time we handle a signal
  installed with ``set_signal_handler(..., restart_syscall=True)`` (from
  ``bzrlib.osutils``. Reduces the likelihood of "Interrupted System Call"
  errors compared to registering ``signal.signal`` directly.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* When invoked with a range revision, ``bzr log`` doesn't show revisions
  that are not part of the Y revisions ancestry anymore when invoked with
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #474807)

* Properly handle ``param_name`` attribute for ``ListOption``.
  (Martin von Gagern, #387117)


* ``bzr commit`` will prompt before using a commit message that was
  generated by a template and not edited by the user.
  (Robert Collins, #530265)

* ``bzr diff`` read-locks the trees and branches only once, saving about
  10-20ms on ``bzr diff`` in a tree.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* ``bzr missing`` read-locks the branches only once.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* ``bzr pull`` locks the branches and tree only once.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* Index lookups in pack repositories search recently hit pack files first.
  In repositories with many pack files this can greatly reduce the
  number of files accessed, the number of bytes read, and the number of
  read calls. An incremental pull via plain HTTP takes half the time and
  bytes for a moderately large repository. (Andrew Bennetts)

* Index lookups only re-order the indexes when the hit files aren't
  already first. Reduces the cost of reordering
  (John Arbash Meinel, #562429)

* Less code is loaded at startup. (Cold-cache start time is about 10-20%
  (Martin Pool, #553017)

API Changes

* ``bzrlib.diff.get_trees_and_branches_to_diff`` is deprecated. Use
  ``get_trees_and_branches_to_diff_locked`` instead.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* ``TreeTransform.commit`` supports the full set of commit parameters, and
  auto-determines branch nick if not supplied. (Aaron Bentley)


* ``bzrlib.commands.Command.run_direct`` is no longer needed - the pre
  2.1 method of calling run() to perform testing or direct use via the API
  is now possible again. As part of this, the _operation attribute on
  Command is now transient and only exists for the duration of ``run()``.
  (Robert Collins)

bzr 2.2b1

:2.2b1: 2010-04-01

This is the first beta of the 2.2 series, leading up to a 2.2.0
release in July or August. Beta releases are suitable for everyday use
but may cause some incompatibilities with plugins. Some plugins may need
small updates to work with 2.2b1.

2.2b1 includes some changes to make merge conflicts easier to understand
and resolve. It also removes some old unnecessary code, and loads
somewhat less code at startup. It starts adding a common infrastructure
for dealing with colocated named branches, which can be implemented in
various ways in either bzr native or foreign formats. On Ubuntu and
other platforms with the apport bug-reporting library, there's an easier
path to report problems with bzr. We plan to continue with these themes
through the 2.2 series.

Over thirty bugs have been fixed, including in the log command, exporting
to tarballs, restarting interrupted system calls, portability of compiled
extensions, making backups during upgrade, and locking on ftp.

Compatibility Breaks

* BTreeGraphIndex can now take an offset to indicate that the data starts
  somewhere other than then beginning of the file. (John Arbash Meinel)

* Deleted very old hidden commands ``versionedfile-list``,
  ``weave-plan-merge``, ``weave-merge-text``.
  (Martin Pool)

* ``Repository.get_inventory_sha1()`` and ``Repository.get_revision_xml()``
  have been removed. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* ``Repository.get_revision_inventory()`` has been removed in favor of
  ``Repository.get_inventory()``. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* All test servers have been moved out of the bzrlib.transport hierarchy to
  bzrlib.tests.test_server *except* for MemoryServer, ChrootServer and
  PathFilteringServer. ``bzrlib`` users may encounter test failures that can
  be fixed by updating the related imports from ```` to
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* ``BranchReferenceFormat.initialize()`` now takes an optional name argument
  as its second parameter, for consistency with the initialize() method of
  other formats. (Jelmer Vernooij)

New Features

* Added ``bzr remove-branch`` command that can remove a local or remote
  branch. (Jelmer Vernooij, #276295)

* ``bzr export`` now takes an optional argument ``--per-file-timestamps``
  to set file mtimes to the last timestamp of the last revision in which
  they were changed rather than the current time. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* If the Apport crash-reporting tool is available, bzr crashes are now
  stored into the ``/var/crash`` apport spool directory, and the user is
  invited to report them to the developers from there, either
  automatically or by running ``apport-bug``. No information is sent
  without specific permission from the user. (Martin Pool, #515052)

* Parsing of command lines, for example in ``diff --using``, no longer
  treats backslash as an escape character on Windows. (Gordon Tyler,

* Plugins can be disabled by defining ``BZR_DISABLE_PLUGINS`` as
  a list of plugin names separated by ':' (';' on windows).
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #411413)

* Plugins can be loaded from arbitrary locations by defining
  ``BZR_PLUGINS_AT`` as a list of name@path separated by ':' (';' on
  windows). This takes precedence over ``BZR_PLUGIN_PATH`` for the
  specified plugins. This is targeted at plugin developers for punctual
  needs and *not* intended to replace ``BZR_PLUGIN_PATH``.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #82693)

* Tag names can now be determined automatically by ``automatic_tag_name``
  hooks on ``Branch`` if they are not specified on the command line.
  (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Tree-shape conflicts can be resolved by providing ``--take-this`` and
  ``--take-other`` to the ``bzr resolve`` command. Just marking the conflict
  as resolved is still accessible via the ``--done`` default action.
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* Merges can be proposed on Launchpad with the new lp-propose-merge command.
  (Aaron Bentley, Jonathan Lange)

Bug Fixes

* Added docstring for ``Tree.iter_changes``
  (John Arbash Meinel, #304182)

* Allow additional arguments to
  ``RemoteRepository.add_inventory_by_delta()``. (Jelmer Vernooij, #532631)

* Allow exporting a single file using ``bzr export``.
  (Michal Junák, #511987)

* Allow syscalls to automatically restart when ``TextUIFactory``'s
  SIGWINCH handler is invoked, avoiding ``EINTR`` errors during blocking
  IO, which are often poorly handled by Python's libraries and parts of
  bzrlib. (Andrew Bennetts, #496813)

* Avoid infinite recursion when probing for apport.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #516934)

* Avoid ``malloc(0)`` in ``patiencediff``, which is non-portable.
  (Martin Pool, #331095)

* Avoid truncating svn URLs.
  (Martin Pool, Martin von Gagern, #545185)

* ``bzr add`` will not add conflict related files unless explicitly required.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #322767, #414589)

* ``bzr dump-btree`` now works on ``*.cix`` and ``*.six`` files. Those
  indices do not have reference lists, so ``dump-btree`` will simply show
  ``None`` instead. (Andrew Bennetts, #488607)

* ``bzr help`` will no longer trigger the get_missing_command hook when
  doing a topic lookup. This avoids prompting (like 'no command plugins/loom,
  did you mean log?') when getting help. In future we may trigger the hook
  deliberately when no help topics match from any help index.
  (Robert Collins, #396261)

* ``bzr log -n0 -r..A.B.C`` should not crash but just consider the None
  revspec as representing the first revision of the branch.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #519862)

* ``bzr remove-tree`` can now remove multiple working trees.
  (Jared Hance, Andrew Bennetts, #253137)

* ``bzr resolve --take-this`` and ``--take-other`` now correctly renames
  the kept file on content conflicts where one side deleted the file.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #529968)

* ``bzr upgrade`` now creates the ``backup.bzr`` directory with the same
  permissions as ``.bzr`` directory on a POSIX OS.
  (Parth Malwankar, #262450)

* ``bzr upgrade`` now names backup directory as ``backup.bzr.~N~`` instead
  of ``backup.bzr``. This directory is ignored by bzr commands such as
  (Parth Malwankar, #335033, #300001)

* Cope with non-utf8 characters inside ``.bzrignore``.
  (Jason Spashett, #183504)

* Correctly interpret "451 Rename/move failure: Directory not empty" from
  ftp servers while trying to take a lock.
  (Martin Pool, #528722)

* DirStateRevisionTree.kind() was returning wrong result when 'kind'
  changes occured between the workingtree and one of its parents.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #535547)

* Fix ``log`` to better check ancestors even if merged revisions are involved.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #476293)

* Loading a plugin from a given path with ``BZR_PLUGINS_AT`` doesn't depend
  on os.lisdir() order and is now reliable.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #552922).

* Many IO operations that returned ``EINTR`` were retried even if it
  wasn't safe to do so via careless use of ``until_no_eintr``. Bazaar now
  only retries operations that are safe to retry, and in some cases has
  switched to operations that can be retried (e.g. ``sock.send`` rather than
  (Andrew Bennetts, Martin <email address hidden>, #496813)

* Path conflicts now support --take-this and --take-other even when a
  deletion is involved.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #531967)

* Network transfer amounts and rates are now displayed in SI units according
  to the Ubuntu Units Policy <>.
  (Gordon Tyler, #514399)

* Support kind markers for socket and fifo filesystem objects. This
  prevents ``bzr status --short`` from crashing when those files are
  present. (John Arbash Meinel, #303275)

* ``bzr mkdir DIR`` will not create DIR unless DIR's parent is a versioned
   directory. (Parth Malwankar, #138600)

* SSH child processes will now ignore SIGQUIT on nix systems so breaking into
  the debugger won't kill the session.
  (Martin <email address hidden>, #162502)

* Tolerate patches with leading noise in ``bzr-handle-patch``.
  (Toshio Kuratomi, Martin Pool, #502076)

* ``update -r`` now supports updating to revisions that are not on
  mainline (i.e. it supports dotted revisions).
  (Parth Malwankar, #517800)

* Use first apparent author not committer in GNU Changelog format.
  (Martin von Gagern, #513322)

API Changes

* ``bzrlib.merge_directive._BaseMergeDirective`` has been renamed to
  ``bzrlib.merge_directive.BaseMergeDirective`` and is now public.
  (Jelmer Vernooij)

* ``BranchFormat.initialize`` now takes an optional ``name`` of the colocated
  branch to create. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* ``BzrDir.get_branch_transport`` now takes an optional ``name`` of the
  colocated branch to open. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Added ``bzrlib.osutils.set_signal_handler``, a convenience function that
  can set a signal handler and call ``signal.siginterrupt(signum,
  False)`` for it, if the platform and Python version supports it.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #496813)

* New ``bzrlib.initialize`` is recommended for programs using bzrlib to
  run when starting up; it sets up several things that previously needed
  to be done separately.
  (Martin Pool, #507710)

* Exporters now support a ``per_file_timestamps`` argument to write out the
  timestamp of the commit in which a file revision was introduced.
  (Jelmer Vernooij)

* New method ``BzrDir.list_branches()`` that returns a sequence of branches
  present in a control directory. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* New method ``Repository.get_known_graph_ancestry()``.
  (Jelmer Vernooij, #495502)

* New transport methods ``readlink``, ``symlink`` and ``hardlink``.
  (Neil Santos)

* Remove unused ``CommandFailed`` exception.
  (Martin Pool)


* ``bzrlib.branchbuilder.BranchBuilder.build_snapshot`` now accepts a
  ``message_callback`` in the same way that commit does. (Robert Collins)

* ```` raises ``bzrlib.errors.BoundBranchOutOfDate``
  rather than ``bzrlib.errors.BzrCommandError`` when the bound branch is out
  of date. (Gary van der Merwe)

* ``bzrlib.commands.run_bzr`` is more extensible: callers can supply the
  functions to load or disable plugins if they wish to use a different
  plugin mechanism; the --help, --version and no-command name code paths
  now use the generic pluggable command lookup infrastructure.
  (Robert Collins)

* ``bzrlib.errors.BoundBranchOutOfDate`` has a new field ``extra_help``
  which can be set to add extra help to the error. (Gary van der Merwe)

* New method ``Branch.automatic_tag_name`` that can be used to find the
  tag name for a particular revision automatically. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* The methods ``BzrDir.create_branch()``, ``BzrDir.destroy_branch()`` and
  ``BzrDir.open_branch()`` now take an optional ``name`` argument.
  (Jelmer Vernooij)


* bzr now has a ``.testr.conf`` file in its source tree configured
  appropriately for running tests with Testrepository
  (````). (Robert Collins)

* Documentation about testing with ``subunit`` has been tweaked.
  (Robert Collins)

* Known failures has been added for resolve --take-other on ParentLoop
  conflicts. This reflects bug #537956 without fixing it.
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* New ``bzrlib.tests.test_import_tariff`` can make assertions about what
  Python modules are loaded, to guard against startup time or library
  dependency regressions.
  (Martin Pool)

* PQM will now run with subunit output. To analyze a PQM error use
  tribunal, or cat log | subunit-filter | subunit2pyunit. (Robert Collins)

* Stop sending apport crash files to ``.cache`` in the directory from
  which ``bzr selftest`` was run. (Martin Pool, #422350)

* Tests no longer fail if "close() called during concurrent
  operation on the same file object" occurs when closing the log file
  (which can happen if a thread tries to write to the log file at the
  wrong moment). An warning will be written to ``stderr`` when this
  happens, and another warning will be written if the log file could not
  be closed after retrying 100 times. (Andrew Bennetts, #531746)

0 blueprints and 31 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
192859 #192859 AttributeError on parent.children in add when adding a symlink 3 High Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
488519 #488519 [master] UnicodeDecodeError in osutils.walkdirs with non-ascii filenames 3 High Eric Moritz  10 Fix Released
494221 #494221 KeyError in remove_recursive_id during commit 3 High Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
582157 #582157 pull from launchpad is slow 3 High Andrew Bennetts  10 Fix Released
603461 #603461 bzrlib.tests.blackbox.test_log.TestLogErrors.test_log_bad_message_re failing 3 High Parth Malwankar  10 Fix Released
608096 #608096 Windows transform regression with directory renaming 3 High Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
611127 #611127 progress bar does not clear correctly 3 High Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
149270 #149270 [Master] revisionspec in_history calls fetch, which requires the branch to be writable 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
193089 #193089 UnicodeDecodeError exception in bzr whoami 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
220067 #220067 poor documentation/broken link on how to use split 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
224373 #224373 Bzr ftp support does not handle 250 response from Windows 2003 server for mkdir 4 Medium Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
300062 #300062 give a better message for an invalid ignore regexp 4 Medium Parth Malwankar  10 Fix Released
321419 #321419 user guide should say how to set up http proxy 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
340394 #340394 want an option to set the output encoding, especially on win32 4 Medium Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
405192 #405192 Self-bound checkouts errors with infinite recursion in _get_nick 4 Medium Parth Malwankar  10 Fix Released
433781 #433781 dos-box is shown while bazaar explorer is executing 4 Medium Gary van der Merwe  10 Fix Released
513322 #513322 GnuChangelogLogFormatter should print apparent authors not committers 4 Medium Martin von Gagern  10 Fix Released
515569 #515569 progress bar is not removed when bzr exits 4 Medium Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
527878 #527878 All commands should accept an explicit location or -d 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
553017 #553017 unnecessary builtin commands are always loaded at startup 4 Medium Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
559409 #559409 RegistryOption lists help strings in arbitrary order 4 Medium Martin von Gagern  10 Fix Released
562079 #562079 warning about local changes after bzr update, even if there aren't any after the update 4 Medium Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
568421 #568421 test_get_unknown_file fails for pycurl if curl was compiled against gnutls 4 Medium Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
587868 #587868 can't debug bzr on windows with pdb 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
594386 #594386 doc should describe how to create a case-insensitive ignore pattern 4 Medium Parth Malwankar  10 Fix Released
409717 #409717 ExternalBase class is redundant 5 Low Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
495502 #495502 Expose get_known_graph_ancestry() on Repository API 5 Low Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
511987 #511987 can't bzr export just a single file rather than a directory 5 Low Michal Junák  10 Fix Released
531746 #531746 Intermittent test failure during _finishLogFile 5 Low Andrew Bennetts  10 Fix Released
48971 #48971 Would be great if bzr could use gnome-vfs for URLs 6 Wishlist Mattias Eriksson  10 Fix Released
276295 #276295 branch --delete subcommand 6 Wishlist Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
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