Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins Extras (third-party) 3.2.1

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Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins Extras (third-party)
Matthieu Baerts
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download icon cairo-dock-plug-ins-extras_3.2.1_python2.tar.gz (md5, sig) 3.2.1 (bug-fix version) - forced the use of Python2 (if you use Python3 by default) 1,963
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon cairo-dock-plug-ins-extras_3.2.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) 3.2.1 (bug-fix version) 469
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,432

Release notes 

* Multi-screen support has been improved
* New applet : Screenshot, Indicator-Generic
* New plug-in: Sound-Effects
* Added Gnome-Shell support
* Added GDM support for user switching
* Added Systemd support for the session management (Fedora, Arch, ...)
* Added support for all the Unity indicators
* Countless bug-fixes and improvements
* If you like the project, please donate :-)


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**Extras** (third-party applets): By Fabounet (Fabrice Rey) & Matttbe (Matthieu Baerts)
* Deluge: A menu entry to quit the application was missing
* Gmail:
 * Make base64 work with python3
 * Handle messages with no subject
 * Updated the config file and removed an unused option
* Pidgin/Xchat: fixed a wrong option type ('animation type' is an integer)
* Screensaver Inhibitor: FreeDesktop: support both newer and older object path
* Transmission:
 * A menu entry to quit the application was missing
 * urllib requires UTF-8 in python3
* Translations: Imported translations files from Launchpad (added Basque): thanks to all contributors ;)

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