Cairo-Dock Plug-ins 3.3.0

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Cairo-Dock Plug-ins
Matthieu Baerts
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 - Added a search entry in the Applications Menu.
    It allows to rapidly look for programs from their name or their description
 - Added support of logind in the Logout applet
 - Better integration in the Cinnamon desktop
 - Added support of the StartupNotification protocol.
    It allows launchers to be animated until the application opens and avoids accidental double launches
 - Added an new third-party applet: Notification History to never miss a notification
 - Upgraded the Dbus API to be even more powerful
 - A huge rewrite of the core using Objects
 - If you like the project, please donate :-)

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Improve the quick-launcher of GMenu Improve the quick-launcher of GMenu 4 High Fabounet  11 Implemented
Launch newly installed apps Launch newly installed apps 3 Medium Fabounet  11 Implemented
Unify the Dbus API for the dock Unify the Dbus API for the dock 2 Low Fabounet  11 Implemented
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