Cairo-Dock Plug-ins 3.3.2

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Cairo-Dock Plug-ins
Matthieu Baerts
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download icon cairo-dock-plugins-3.3.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) 3.3.2 (bug-fix version) 4,951
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New bug-fix version: 3.3.2


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 * Animated-icons: add the option to disable the 'opening animations' in Animated-icons' settings
 * DBus: third-party: init: register the applets after having set the text domain for gettext (to translate some titles)
 * Dock-rendering: panel view: fixed the input shape when there is a single group of icons (no separator)
 * GMenu:
  * Apps: fixed tiny memory leak when stopping GMenu
  * Apps: New app: avoid multiple dialogues and select the first item in the list
  * Entry: with GTK 3.10: both the entry and the menu receive the signal that a key is pressed. This causes a bug: each character is doubled.
  * Menus: added a workaround for libgnomemenu if XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is not defined (e.g. when using XFCE)
 * Icon Effect: config: move 'opening animation' option to 'when clicking on a launcher' section
 * MusicPlayer: fixed a bug when changing the player and fixed a few small memory leaks
 * System Monitor:
  * SWAP percent was computed twice
  * Fixed a possible crash if we want to display more than 4 values in a graph view
 * Shortcuts: bookmarks file:
  * If the file doesn't exist, first create the directory before creating an empty file
  * Check for the existence of the old and new bookmark files to decide which one to use (useful for Mint 14 for instance)
 * Weather: on double-click on the main icon, show the hourly forecast
 * Translations: imported translations from Launchpad: thanks to all contributors!

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1243608 #1243608 composite manager applett has typo in its russian description localisatoin 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1089052 #1089052 Panel mode can't be positioned to the right 6 Wishlist Fabounet  10 Fix Released
1244997 #1244997 cairo doesn't run, only settings window appears 1 Undecided Matthieu Baerts  10 Fix Released
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