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A stress-test for cairo and librsvg.

The resurrected codebase of my cairo- and librsvg-stress test. I've put it here for nostalgic and historical reasons... and because some people asked for it. I've made it compile and work again with modern distributions (as of April 2014), but with a plain Makefile... no fancy autotools or cmake.

I have some fond memories attached to these lines of code, no matter how bad they are. It was the first time I got contributions from a few very famous people. I left the initial code-comments intact. Later my cairo-dock helped kick-start the "Cairo-Dock/GLX-Dock" ( project most people know today, which I am not connected to in any way. I think in the about-pages of that "Cairo-/GLX-Dock" the maintainers still refer to this very codebase as their initial inspiration.

This is a piece of my history with cairo and almost eight years ago... feels like more :)

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