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2 Fabounet, 3 Matthieu Baerts
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1285984 #1285984 cairo-dock crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc_consolidate() Cairo-Dock Plug-ins Cairo-Dock Plug-ins 1 Undecided Matthieu Baerts  1 Incomplete
1317120 #1317120 Shortcuts panel displays incorrectly from left-hand-side of screen Cairo-Dock Core Cairo-Dock Core 4 Medium   6 Confirmed
1335686 #1335686 Theme Configuration Window black Cairo-Dock Core Cairo-Dock Core 5 Low   7 Triaged
1360681 #1360681 Cairo-Dock 3.3.99-rc1: crash at startup Cairo-Dock Core Cairo-Dock Core 3 High Fabounet  9 Fix Committed
1374939 #1374939 VTE 2.91 support Cairo-Dock Plug-ins Cairo-Dock Plug-ins 4 Medium Matthieu Baerts  9 Fix Committed
1296422 #1296422 não inicializa. Cairo-Dock Core Cairo-Dock Core 1 Undecided Matthieu Baerts  9 Fix Committed
1303263 #1303263 QuickBrowser: GTK submenus are sometime out of the screen Cairo-Dock Plug-ins Cairo-Dock Plug-ins 1 Undecided Fabounet  9 Fix Committed

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