New version of cameramonitor released - 0.3.1

Written for Cameramonitor by PhobosK on 2011-06-03

A new version of cameramonitor is released - 0.3.1
It is almost rewritten from scratch and has these changes:

2011-05-29 PhobosK
 * ADDED support for translations using gettext
 * CHANGED some code optimisations
 * Version 0.3.1 released

2011-05-24 PhobosK
 * ADDED new monitoring support using less expensive inotify mechanism
 * ADDED dbus support to prevent several running applications
 * ADDED threading support
 * ADDED support for 4 states of the camera - on, off, none and unknown
 * ADDED a debug support via new command line option -d or --debug
 * ADDED better documentation of the source code incl. epydoc support
 * REMOVED pid support. Replaced by the dbus handling
 * REMOVED the timeout option. No need of it with inotify
 * CHANGED better handling of the command line options
 * CHANGED autotools building system
 * Version 0.3 released

You can find the source code and the binaries in PhobosK's PPA ( or on the project's Launchpad page ( )

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