cube-get : Camicri Cube 2.0 Portable Package Manager (Console) is now released!

Written for CamicriCube by Camicri Systems on 2015-02-19


We are proud to introduce a new app based on Camicri Cube 1.0. This is called "cube-get", a terminal portable package manager for Linux.

This is one of the results of our move on migrating Camicri Cube from C# Language of Microsoft to Vala Programming Language of GNOME. All major enhancements from present Camicri Cube development had been added to cube-get.

This provides more accurate and fast package dependency management. And because of the use of Vala, which is a framework-less language, we have produced a small sized binary (1.1 MB) and using less computer memory than Camicri Cube 1.0. It runs on Linux and Windows too.

cube-get is a console based application, meaning, it can run only on terminal. We put efforts on making cube-get functionality and look the same as apt-get.

cube-get is only a beginning part of our migration. We will soon provide a graphical user interface for it smile emoticon

The tool is still under BETA stage and ready for download at Launchpad for testing

We recommend that you read the cube-get tutorial first before using the tool. It will be very useful for beginners or first time Linux users also smile emoticon

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