Camicri Cube Server is now available for testing

Written for CamicriCube by Camicri Systems on 2015-04-19

Camicri Cube Server is now ready for testing :)

 We have already finished most of the features for 0.1 (currently at revision 55), and will soon officially release it to the public.

You can now download it via Launchpad. There is a cube server installer for Linux (32 bit only), and a portable zip for Windows (No installation needed for Windows). Please read the README file inside the zip to know more how to install and run Cube Server.

Linux Installer Zip

Windows Portable Zip

And finally, Camicri Cube Server is now available for download via apt-get! Just enter the following command in your Linux terminal (Internet connection required)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:camicrisystems/daily
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cube-server

Camicri Cube Server via apt-get supports Ubuntu Precise (12.04) and above. Note that Camicri Cube Server generated project is not compatible with Camicri Cube 1.0 project.

Unfortunately, the documentation/tutorial is not yet done. If you have any questions regarding on how to use it, or if you encounter problems while using it, feel free to tell us smile emoticon

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