Camicri Cube Server 0.1.87 is now released!

Written for CamicriCube by Camicri Systems on 2015-05-01

Camicri Cube Server 0.1.87 now released! Many changes/fixes were applied to this revision, so we are recommending to update your cube-server to the latest. Also, 64 bit installer is now available.

We have provided a fast tutorial on how to install and use cube-server on Linux and Windows. It is a text file only. A pdf tutorial with screenshots will be released soon.…/+down…/cube-server-fast-tutorial.txt

You can download it now via apt-get:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:camicrisystems/daily
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cube-server

Or download the latest installers in Lauchpad


* Featured Carousel now functional. Suggested apps will be shown on the carousel and you can download or add PPA that provides the app by just clicking it!
* New Camicri Cube Server Logo
* Added 'X' (Quit) button on project-select window
* 64 bit installer now provided

Bugs Fixed
* Multiple event firing (Browser side) was fixed.
* Major bug when updating system was fixed.
* SEGFAULT when requesting for 'Update System' in Ubuntu 14.04 was fixed.

* Configuration files will not be overwritten when updating/reinstalling cube-server
* Dependency checking for multiple files is now faster than before

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