Catfish 1.0.0

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Sean Davis
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7 Sean Davis
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Release notes 

Stable Release 1.0.0

This release features an interface refresh, making the most of the latest GTK3 design patterns. It also fixes several bugs, making it the best version of Catfish yet. It also introduces a view switching widget, to toggle list and preview modes without exiting the application.


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 + Interface refresh, mimicking common gnome applications.
 + Fix executable-not-elf-or-script when debian packaging
 + Use "use_underline" property for SaveAs and Delete in popup menu
 + Fix "--thumbnail" startup option (lp: #1230245)
 + Remove embedded copy of pexpect (lp: #1257500)
 + Fix image loading issues, use icon names available in gnome-icon-theme (lp: #1258713)
 + Fix untranslatable strings (lp: #1261181)
 + Fix sidebar width (lp: #1261185)
 + Fix sidebar coloration (lp: #1261185)
 + Fix searching mounted shares (lp: 1274378)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1230245 #1230245 In version 0.8.2 thumbnail option doesn't work 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
1257500 #1257500 Contains embedded copy of pexpect 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
1258713 #1258713 Catfish crashing with gi._glib.GError: Icon 'camera-photo' not present in theme 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
1261181 #1261181 Untranslatable strings "Search terms" and "About" etc. 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
1261185 #1261185 Sidebar width insufficient for non-English languages 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
1261188 #1261188 Folders icon in sidebar incorrectly colored 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
1274378 #1274378 Catfish does not search mounted shares, likely because mounts are in hidden gvfs folder 1 Undecided Sean Davis  10 Fix Released
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