Ceilometer Grizzly-3 Milestone

Written for Ceilometer by Nick Barcet on 2013-02-22

The Ceilometer team is proud to announce the second synchronous milestone delivery with the OpenStack project: Grizzly-3.
This is the last Grizzly milestone before feature freeze.

This milestone can be found at:

With this milestone, 10 blueprints have been implemented and 20 bugs have been fixed. Here is a quick summary of the new features:
  * Higher level tests for db backends
  * Ability to send collected information to mutiple destinations
  * Swift batched request, which should decrease the load on Swift significantly
  * Provide one Keystone auth for all pollsters
  * Provide the meters unit's in /meters
  * Publish several counters in a row on RPC
  * Move listener framework to oslo for reuse by horizon and other projects
  * Added an average function to the API
  * Rebuilt API server with pecan and WSME
  * Ability to disable a counter
  * New improved API (v2) now available

2 blueprints did not make it into this milestone but were granted an exception for rc1 in yesterday's meeting as they were so close to be merged:
  * Publisher counters frequency receival
  * Add the HBase storage backend to Ceilometer

More details can be found at: https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/grizzly/grizzly-3

Thanks to Doug Hellmann, Julien Danjou, Angus Salkeld, Eoghan Glynn, Lianhao Lu, Guillaume Pernot, Shane Wang, Jiang Yunhong, Dan Florea & Nick Barcet for their contributions to this milestone.

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