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Cellerator is a collection of tools that aide biological modeling via the automated conversion of chemical reactions to differential equations and their subsequent solution via numerical integration or stochastic simulation. See for more details.

This repository contains the latest software. To get a basic installation, download the latest basic install "tarball" (which is really a zip file and not a tarball).

To get a complete version including all source code and help files from this site it is easiest if you use Bazaar. You can install Bazaar from

Once Bazaar is installed, you should open your command line (terminal) application and extract each branch, e.g., to get xlr8r, type
bzr branch lp:~/cellerator/xlr8r
This will create a folder named "xlr8r" which will contain the latest source code (.nb) and install files (.m).

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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v3

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Mathematica, Python

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Latest version is cellzilla2d-basic-install

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