OpenStack ceph-mon charm 19.04

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OpenStack ceph-mon charm
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2 Chris MacNaughton, 1 Felipe Reyes, 1 Frode Nordahl, 3 James Page, 1 Ryan Beisner, 1 Trent Lloyd
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1807652 #1807652 No status information reported when expected-osd-count is not met, causing ceph relations for keys/broker requests to be ignored 3 High Trent Lloyd  10 Fix Released
1808189 #1808189 action get-health doesn't return the info to the user 3 High Chris MacNaughton  10 Fix Released
1815243 #1815243 Pre-install script does not fail on error in install hook 3 High Ryan Beisner  10 Fix Released
1819852 #1819852 hook error when units present on rbd-mirror relation before bootstrap is complete 3 High Frode Nordahl  10 Fix Released
1819892 #1819892 gnocchi not able to connect to ceph cluster 3 High James Page  10 Fix Released
1804846 #1804846 gnocchi pool have many more objects per pg than average 4 Medium James Page  10 Fix Released
1807775 #1807775 "create-pool" action should allow to specify app type 4 Medium Chris MacNaughton  10 Fix Released
1808140 #1808140 modernise radosgw systemd usage 4 Medium James Page  10 Fix Released
1778823 #1778823 changing source parameter with no upgrade should update sources.list.d 5 Low Felipe Reyes  10 Fix Released
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