OpenStack ceph-osd charm 19.10

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OpenStack ceph-osd charm
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1782725 #1782725 move apparmor profile related osd restarts to an action 3 High   6 Confirmed
1748037 #1748037 ceph upgrade to jewel chown -R ceph:ceph /var/lib/ceph has a strange behavior as ceph-osd doesn't restart as ceph until reboot. 3 High   7 Triaged
1798794 #1798794 sysctl values applied by autotune are bad 3 High   7 Triaged
1804261 #1804261 Ceph OSD units requires reboot if they boot before vault (and if not unsealed with 150s) 3 High James Page  7 Triaged
1664435 #1664435 Upgrade timeout logic is faulty 4 Medium   7 Triaged
1774279 #1774279 unable to create pools before OSD's are up and running 4 Medium   7 Triaged
1775174 #1775174 charm should handle broker errors better 4 Medium   7 Triaged
1779828 #1779828 config_changed->check_for_upgrade incorrectly assumes upgrade in progress if OSD not yet mounted / ceph-disk@ has not started 3 High Trent Lloyd  8 In Progress
1820271 #1820271 add-disk action with ceph jewel breaks with default bluestore setting 3 High Chris MacNaughton  8 In Progress
1847988 #1847988 list-disk action wrongly report journal_disk as non-pristine disk 4 Medium dongdong tao  8 In Progress
1845975 #1845975 syncing current charms.ceph into ceph-osd causes breakages 2 Critical Chris MacNaughton  9 Fix Committed
1841021 #1841021 Existing filestore OSDs specified as folder paths in osd-devices will be erroneously half-initialised as BlueStore if bluestore=true 1 Undecided dongdong tao  9 Fix Committed
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