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OK, this one's a biggie. There's a few important new features, including:

    * Displaying some information about attachments with the full message text
    * URIs in the full message text are now clickable, if you install Libsexy and Gtk2-Sexy

There's also whole load of bugfixes, including:

    * Fixing the XGL/Compiz issue
    * Actions for hosted domains now work
    * Accents in the full text of messages now display correctly
    * Checkgmail works with Xinerama/multiple monitors
    * and many more ...

There's also a couple of new languages to add to the translations to round things off :) A big thanks to everyone who's contributed code and ideas to this release, especially Michael Irwin (hosted domains), Ignacio Aliende GarcĂ­a (display of accented characters) and Philip Jagielski (multiple monitor support) ...

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