Chive 1.1 released!

Written for chive by David Roth on 2012-06-15

Chive 1.1 is a major release with some exciting new features:

- Phar Support 2.2M (BETA)
With this release chive supports running as a phar archive with about 2.2MB!
This is a useful new package for developers who frequently need a small and powerful tool on different webserver, but don`t want to upload the complete source code with thousands of files.

- New Mozilla Ace editor
We upgraded chives SQL-Editor to the powerful Mozilla-Aze-Editor. This editor is well supported and extensible and opens some possible opportunities for providing new amazing features like sql-statement completion in the future.

Fixed Bugs:

#980869 can't assign a user specific privileges
#981502 Style bugs in phar releases
#987128 No license file
#1006168 html "injection" in sql input

For more information including detailed changelog check out this page:

Chive 1.1 can be downloaded here:

If you are using Linux, there is a very simple way to install Chive. Just run the following command to download and extract Chive:

wget -O -|tar -xzp

We hope that you will enjoy using Chive 1.1 and we are looking forward to receive your feedback in Launchpad (

Updated on 2012-06-15.

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