Chive 1.3 released!

Written for chive by David Roth on 2013-05-18

Chive 1.3 is the first release from based on the work of the new location on github, with 3 contributions!

New features:
 - Support for MySQL server running on different port than default 3306 (
You can now specify the port MySQL daemon is running on. Connections to localhost ignore the port automagically since the connection is getting established via unix sockets. Connections to local MySQL daemons running on ports different from the fefault must be established via host

This feature has been contributed by Renat Golubchyk (


 - Open link in new tab with middle mouse click (
In earlier versions, pressing the middle mouse button would open up the link in a new window. That's the way it is supposed to work. This bugfix restores the old behavior.

- English language not shown on login page (

Thanks to all contributors to this release:


Chive 1.3 can be downloaded here:

If you are using Linux, there is a very simple way to install Chive. Just run the following command to download and extract Chive:

wget -O -|tar -xzp

We hope that you will enjoy using Chive 1.3 and we are looking forward to receive your feedback on github (

Updated on 2013-05-18.

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