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Chord diagram generator for fretted stringed instruments like the ukulele, mandolin, and guitar.

## Features ##

* Outputs clean images (SVG/PNG/JPG)
* Configurable styling, including:
    * Diagram height and width
    * Font size and family
    * Number of frets and strings
    * Specify top fret and barres
* See a live preview of your chord with the UI chord designer
* Find chords for all your instruments and tunings with the chord finder
* Bulk create diagrams from the command line with Chordious.CLI.exe
* Runs anywhere Mono does (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

## Further Development ##

"Classic" Chordious is no longer under development. Future development of Chordious has moved to

## Installation ##

Installation instructions can be found at

Project information

Jon Thysell
Jon Thysell
MIT / X / Expat Licence

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