Chunky 1.0.5

Bug fixes, user interface improvements, and improved sky and sun rendering.

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Jesper Öqvist
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Release notes 

This release contains bugfixes, user interface improvements and improved sun and sky rendering.

The render dumps are now compressed to save disk space. Render dumps from versions 1.0.4 and previous can NOT be loaded in this version of Chunky.

This version includes a physically based skylight model which is used if no skymap has been loaded.

The new "Water World" mode was also added. If this option is selected in the Render tab in the main Chunky window, the chunks are loaded into an endless ocean. This mode must be selected before the 3D view is opened, even when loading a saved scene.


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    * Render dumps are now compressed. NB: render dumps saved with
      version 1.0.4 or earlier can no longer be loaded!
    * Show message in 3D view that warns when no chunks have been loaded
    * Changed default 2D zoom level to 4
    * Fixed rendering error in preview rendering mode when the camera was
      inside a block
    * Don't include paused time in total rendering time
    * Display camera coordinates in preview renders
    * Added sun specular reflection (sun glare)
    * Allow DoF and Focal Offset to be set to values greater than their maximum
      slider stops
    * Use flat shading in preview render
    * Added Water World Mode option in the Render tab
    * Fixed lily pad rendering with incorrect color and removed offset from
      the water surface
    * Added coordinate fields to View tab that can be used to move
      the 2D map view
    * Made skymap orientation adjustable with a new slider in the Sky tab
    * Added "clear water" option to disable the water fog effect in
      the General tab of the Render Controls dialog
    * Render sky color using a physically based skylight model if no skymap
      has been loaded (this replaces the previous default skymap)

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Clear Water Rendering Option Clear Water Rendering Option 3 Medium Jesper Öqvist  11 Implemented
Goto Coordinates Goto Coordinates 3 Medium Jesper Öqvist  11 Implemented
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1011306 #1011306 Lily Pad Rendering 5 Low Jesper Öqvist  10 Fix Released
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