Chunky 1.2.0

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Jesper Öqvist
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download icon Chunky-1.2.0.exe (md5) Windows Installer 777
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon (md5) Binaries 138
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon chunky-1.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source Code 15
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download icon chunky-core-1.2.0.jar (md5) Core Library 109
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Release notes 

**Warning**: Scenes created by previous versions of Chunky can not be loaded in this version!

Chunky now has its own launcher! The launcher has an online updater and
enables easier configuration of the memory limit. This version also adds
rendering support for new biomes and blocks that were added in Minecraft 1.7.2!

This release has taken a long time to complete and many things have changed
"under the hood". The scene description format was changed from NBT, the binary
format used for Minecraft levels, to JSON, a popular plain-text format. The use
of JSON should make it easier for people to make tools that manipulate Chunky

Some smaller UI tweaks are also made in this version which hopefully make
Chunky easier to use.


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    * Reduced Chunky binary size by removing some redundancies
    (Windows installer is now 3.8 megabytes, was 8.9)
    * Added new icons in the Render Controls dialog
    * Changed the title of the "HALT" button to "RESET"
    * Added stained glass panes
    * Pressing return in the scene name field now saves the scene
    * Added large flowers
    * Added new small flowers
    * Added new biome color data
    * Added Red Sand
    * Trapdoors connected to the top of a block now display correctly
    * Wood logs now use the new top/bottom textures
    * Added Packed Ice
    * Added Podzol
    * Added Acacia and Dark Oak logs/planks/saplings
    * Render snapshots are now not saved by default, but there is a new
    checkbox to enable the render snapshots in the Render Controls dialog.
    * It is now possible to set a custom dump frequency
    * Changed scene description format to JSON - not backward compatible with
    the old CVF format which was NBT based
    * Changed default scene directory name to "scenes" (lowercase initial)
    * Improved scene selector
    * Sunlight passing through colored translucent textures is now
    appropriately colored
    * Added stained glass block rendering
    * Highlight targeted blocks in the preview render mode
    * Added check box for showing launcher on startup under the Options tab
    * Tweaked the World Selector and Scene Selector dialogs

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