Chunky 1.0.10

UI and rendering improvements

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Jesper Öqvist
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Release notes 

The scene directory, where Chunky saves scene descriptions and render dumps, is now chosen by the user. This change allows users to place the Scene directory wherever they like, and removes the problem that Chunky sometimes tried to write files to the System32 directory!

Chunky now attempts to save the settings.cfg file in the .chunky directory in the user home directory. The scene directory default location is in the .chunky directory.

The rendering of Cauldron and Lever blocks has been improved. Upside down levers from the 12w24a snapshot are supported.


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    * Slightly improved world loading speed (poll for regions rather than
      scanning the world directory)
    * Added separate button in the Render Controls dialog to save the current
      canvas size as the default canvas size
    * The log4j library is now used for logging
    * The user is asked to select where to save scene descriptions and
      render dumps (the old "Scenes" directory)
    * The settings.cfg file is stored in the .chunky directory in the user home
    * Progress renders are saved in the scenes directory
    * Improved rendering of levers and cauldrons
    * Brought back the gamma slider, it now lives on the Advanced tab
    * Added button to open the scene directory in the system file browser
    * Remember skymap rotation

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