Chunky 1.0.11

User interface improvements and improved water and torch rendering.

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Jesper Öqvist
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Release notes 

This release contains several improvements to the User Interface. It is now possible to load a 3D scene directly from the 3D Render tab in the main window. The render status is displayed in a more integrated way in the Render Controls dialog, with a progress bar displaying the progress to the next render dump.

The rendering of flowing water and lava was also improved.


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1.0.11 - 2012-07-26
    * Added button to load scene in the 3D Render tab of the main window
    * Increased size of the world selection dialog
    * Increased size of the scene selection dialog
    * Mouse wheel controls camera zoom in the 3D view
    * Added credits dialog (accessed through the About tab)
    * Added render progress bar to visualize progress to next render dump
    * Added ETA display which displays estimated time to next render dump
    * Added button to load selected chunks in the Render Controls dialog
    * Chunky always asks the user to choose the name for the scene when a
      new scene is created
    * The 3D preview window always displays to the right of the
      Render Controls dialog
    * The Render Controls dialog can no longer be pushed offscreen by the
      preview window due to a large canvas size
    * Fixed workbench texturing error
    * Improved water rendering for flowing water
    * Save the current render mode with the scene description
    * Moved the water world option to the Advanced tab of the Render Controls
    * Wall torches now connect better to other blocks

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