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Jesper Öqvist
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4 Jesper Öqvist
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download icon Chunky-1.0.13.dmg (md5) Mac Bundle 112
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Release notes 

This release contains mostly bugfixes and stability improvements.

The only new feature is that the user can select a target SPP count. The renderer will pause when it hits the SPP target, and the render progress bar displays the progress to the target SPP rather than the progress to the next periodic render dump.


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    * Chunky does not crash if it can not locate the default
      Minecraft saves directory
    * Fixed error that caused a large redundant image to be allocated for
      the map view
    * Opening a world that was saved in an unsupported format will
      cause a warning message to be displayed
    * The user can select the directory where Chunky looks for
      Minecraft worlds in the World Selector dialog
    * Small stability improvements
    * Fixed block highlight rendering bug
    * Improved the responsiveness of the 3D render preview
    * When a render is dumped the saved frame represents the current
      state of the render (was bugged in 1.0.11 and 1.0.12)
    * The scene description file is automatically backed up when a manual
      scene save is performed
    * The renderer will stop at a user selected target SPP count.
      Render progress is now tracked relative to this SPP count, rather
      than the intermediate render dumps.

1 blueprint and 3 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
SPP Render Target SPP Render Target 4 High Jesper Öqvist  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1032085 #1032085 Crash if Minecraft saves directory not in expected location 3 High Jesper Öqvist  10 Fix Released
1032186 #1032186 Buffer not finalized before render dumps 3 High Jesper Öqvist  10 Fix Released
1031672 #1031672 Highlight Rendering Issue 4 Medium Jesper Öqvist  10 Fix Released
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