Chunky 1.0.8

Improved error handling, improved world loading, and save settings.

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Jesper Öqvist
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Release notes 

The error handling for many types of errors and crashes was improved. A new error dialog is displayed if an unexpected error should occur during rendering. Log files are no longer used to store the error messages in.

Chunky now loads the sun texture from the current texture pack, and uses that texture to render the sun.

World loading was also improved. Chunky now only searches for the visible chunks, rather than attempting to search through the entire world for all available chunks. This can improve the loading times significantly for large maps.

Chunky now saves settings in a file named settings.cfg. Chunky stores some things such as last world loaded and last texture pack used in the settings file and attempts to load the same world again, using the same texture pack as last time.

Several minor rendering issues and bugs were also fixed in this release.


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    * Fixed error causing submerged objects to be too well lit by sunlight
    * When loading a scene the saved gamma setting is used to
      display the saved render dump
    * Fixed error causing all objects to receive too little light at low
      incident angles
    * Fixed lava rendering error
    * X/Z coordinates now update when clicking in the minimap
    * A smaller buffer is used to cache the map view. This improves map
      view responsiveness at large zoom values.
    * Some minor minimap rendering issues were fixed
    * Chunky now saves a file (settings.cfg) with user preferences
    * Selected chunks are now also highlighted in the minimap
    * Changed orientation of map view so that north is up
    * Display player and spawn position in minimap
    * Chunky remembers the last loaded world and will attempt to load the
      same world next time it starts
    * Chunky remembers the last used texture pack
    * Chunky remembers the last used canvas size
    * Made render status text field non-editable
    * Pressing Ctrl while dragging a selection rectangle causes the chunks
      within the rectangle to be deselected
    * Added zoom level 0 (same as minimap) to 2d map view
    * Removed buttons to select all chunks and invert selection (this will
      no longer be supported since future versions of Chunky will avoid
      scanning all chunks in the map - it takes too long time!)
    * Fixed rare bug that caused preview rendering to hang
    * Fixed crash due to corrupt metadata in pumpkin blocks
    * Fixed incorrect top/bottom texture for melon blocks
    * Chunky now loads large maps much faster
    * Added Reload button under the minimap which reloads the current world
    * Added button to load default Minecraft texture pack in the Options tab
    * Chunky falls back on minecraft.jar to provide texture files missing in
      loaded texture packs
    * Chunky remembers the last skymap used
    * Chunky uses the sun texture from the current texture pack to draw the sun
    * Fixed rare bug when rendering iron bars or glass panes with certain
      textures that caused the renderer to hang

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Improve error handling Improve error handling 3 Medium Jesper Öqvist  11 Implemented
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1013690 #1013690 Load sun texture from texture pack 4 Medium Jesper Öqvist  10 Fix Released
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