Chunky 1.3.8

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Jesper Öqvist
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download icon Chunky-1.3.8.exe (md5, sig) Windows Installer 20,181
last downloaded 9 days ago
download icon Chunky-1.3.8.dmg (md5, sig) Mac Bundle 1,211
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon (md5, sig) Binaries 1,175
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon chunky-1.3.8.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source Code 35
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon chunky-core-1.3.8.jar (md5, sig) Core Library 1,745
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
Total downloads: 24,347

Release notes 

Added the "Entities" tab in the Render Controls dialog, with controls for
posing and selecting skins for player entities individually.

Fixed a few bugs related to loading chunks.


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* Fixed water being rendered on sign blocks below the water height in water
  world mode.
* The scene/world directory selection dialogs now indicate if a valid
  directory is selected.
* Added button to scale canvas width/height by a factor of 1.5.
* Replaced the preview window scaling buttons with a drop-down list.
* Added Entities tab in the Render Controls dialog, allowing posing and
  skinning of player entities.
* Fixed chunk loading error that caused Chunky to hang while loading chunks
  if a font texture was missing.
* Launcher v1.8.12: the launcher now always tries to launch the embedded

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