Cinder train series

This is the Train release for OpenStack Cinder.

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Project drivers:
Cinder Drivers, Jay Bryant
Release manager:
Jay Bryant
Project development focus:
is not the focus of development.
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Milestones and releases

113 of 13 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Cinder train-em "train-em" 2022-05-14 not yet released
Cinder 15.6.0 "train-final" 2021-05-11
Cinder 15.5.0 2021-01-26
Cinder 15.4.1 "15.4.1" 2020-11-26
Cinder 15.4.0 "15.4.0" 2020-07-31 Corrects an issue when upgrading to Ussuri plus better handling of default vo...
Cinder 15.3.0 "15.3.0" 2020-06-26 Update minimum version of os-brick requirement to correct regression in previ...
Cinder 15.2.0 "15.2.0" 2020-06-15 Contains fix for OSSN-0086
Cinder 15.1.0 "train-15.1.0" 2020-02-28 Minor release from stable/train (one of the bugfixes introduced some new conf...
Cinder 15.0.1 "train-15.0.1" 2019-12-05 Point release from stable/train
Cinder 15.0.0 "train" 2019-10-16 The Train release.
Cinder train-3 "Cinder train-3" 2019-09-06 This is an inactive milestone
Cinder train-2 "Cinder train-2" 2019-07-26 This is an inactive milestone
Cinder train-1 "Cinder train-1" 2019-06-07 This is an inactive milestone
113 of 13 results
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