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CIPmap provides a way to visualize a computer-pool (like those often found in
universities), showing on what workstations people are currently logged in
(optionally with user-defined avatars).

CIPmap is written in the C programming language.

--- State ---

v0.0.*: CIPmap is work-in-progress. Most things already work, but some don't.
Every day a new feature :) .
Note: CIPmap runs more or less stable, but nevertheless it's work-in-progress
software, so use it at your own risk.

--- Dependencies ---

To run CIPmap the following packages have to be present on your system:

 * GLib 2
 * Cairo
 * libxml 2
 * Woist-Server

To build CIPmap, you also need those packages:

 * Python 2.4+
 * the development packages of GLib 2, Cairo and libxml 2

--- Building CIPmap ---

CIPmap uses the waf build system. To build CIPmap run the following commands:

./waf configure
./waf build

To install CIPmap do:

./waf install

--- Configuring CIPmap ---

After running CIPmap the first time a configuration file will be created
(HOME/.cipmap/config.xml). The configuration-options are explained in the file

--- Running CIPmap ---

Before starting CIPmap you should make sure that the Woist-Server is running
and it's address and port are properly configured. Then simply start CIPmap


--- Contact ---

We are happy to see bug-reports, feature-requests and patches in our bugtracker:
(if you don't want to register a launchpad-account, you can also send a mail,
see below)

Questions and discussion go here:

Or you can directly contact me, the maintainer:

Sven "Noya" Pfaller <kalterregen AT gmx DOT net>


Enjoy CIPmap :)

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