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ClipCat (Clipboard Catalog) sits in the panel and collects text that is copied to the clipboard. ClipCat maintains a history of the "copy" clipboard, usually filled with Ctrl+C or Edit, Copy or Cut from an applications menu. These history items are called Clips. ClipCat lets you save a Clip as a Snip. This is useful for frequently used boilerplate text, code, personal information, etc. Snips have categories for easy organization.
Many other features.

Project created with Quickly.
Data storage is in a SQLite database.
Database access via apsw module (Another Python SQLite Wrapper).
GUI created with pyGTK. Glade for main windows, dialogs, but some created manually.
clip history
snippets, with categories, tags, etc. identified by user chosen icons in menu.
AutoAppend to add copied text automatically to a clip.
plugins to add functionality.
create new clip.
load a file into a clip.
save a clip to a file.
search for clips that match criteria.
spell check clip in textview of Actions Window.
a simple plugin architecture allows adding actions by writing a plugin in python.

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