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0.6.3 release from the trunk series released

Release information

 - add sample systemd config files [Garrett Holmstrom]
 - add Fedora support [Garrent Holstrom] (LP: #883286)
 - fix bug in netinfo.debug_info if no net devices available (LP: #883367)
 - use python module hashlib rather than md5 to avoid deprecation warnings.
 - support configuration of mirror based on dns name ubuntu-mirror in
   local domain.
 - support setting of Acquire::HTTP::Proxy via 'apt_proxy'
 - DataSourceEc2: more resilliant to slow metadata service
   - config change: 'retries' dropped, 'max_wait' added, timeout increased
 - close stdin in all cloud-init programs that are launched at boot
   (LP: #903993)
 - revert management of /etc/hosts to 0.6.1 style (LP: #890501, LP: #871966)
 - write full ssh keys to console for easy machine consumption (LP: #893400)
 - put INSTANCE_ID environment variable in bootcmd scripts
 - add 'cloud-init-per' script for easily running things with a given frequency
 - replace cloud-init-run-module with cloud-init-per
 - support configuration of landscape-client via cloud-config (LP: #857366)
 - part-handlers now get base64 decoded content rather than 2xbase64 encoded
   in the payload parameter. (LP: #874342)
 - add test case framework [Mike Milner] (LP: #890851)
 - fix pylint warnings [Juerg Haefliger] (LP: #914739)
 - add support for adding and deleting CA Certificates [Mike Milner]
   (LP: #915232)
 - in ci-info lines, use '.' to indicate empty field for easier machine reading
 - support empty lines in "#include" files (LP: #923043)
 - support configuration of salt minions (Jeff Bauer) (LP: #927795)
 - DataSourceOVF: only search for OVF data on ISO9660 filesystems (LP: #898373)
 - DataSourceConfigDrive: support getting data from openstack config drive
   (LP: #857378)
 - DataSourceNoCloud: support seed from external disk of ISO or vfat
   (LP: #857378)
 - DataSourceNoCloud: support inserting /etc/network/interfaces
 - DataSourceMaaS: add data source for Ubuntu Machines as a Service (MaaS)
   (LP: #942061)
 - DataSourceCloudStack: add support for CloudStack datasource [Cosmin Luta]
 - add option 'apt_pipelining' to address issue with S3 mirrors
   (LP: #948461) [Ben Howard]
 - warn on non-multipart, non-handled user-data [Martin Packman]
 - run resizefs in the background in order to not block boot (LP: #961226)
 - Fix bug in Chef support where validation_key was present in config, but
   'validation_cert' was not (LP: #960547)
 - Provide user friendly message when an invalid locale is set
   [Ben Howard] (LP: #859814)
 - Support reading cloud-config from kernel command line parameter and
   populating local file with it, which can then provide data for DataSources
 - improve chef examples for working configurations on 11.10 and 12.04
   [Lorin Hochstein] (LP: #960564)

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download icon cloud-init-0.6.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) source tarball 428
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 428

0.6.2 release from the trunk series released

Release information

 - fix bug where update was not done unless update was explicitly set.
   It would not be run if 'upgrade' or packages were set to be installed
 - fix bug in part-handler code, that prevented working part-handlers
   (LP: #739694)
 - fix bug in resizefs cloud-config that would cause trace based on
   failure of 'blkid /dev/root' (LP: #726938)
 - convert dos formated files to unix for user-scripts, boothooks,
   and upstart jobs (LP: #744965)
 - fix bug in seeding of grub dpkg configuration (LP: #752361) due
   to renamed devices in newer (natty) kernels (/dev/sda1 -> /dev/xvda1)
 - make metadata urls configurable, to support eucalyptus in
   STATIC or SYSTEM modes (LP: #761847)
 - support disabling byobu in cloud-config
 - run cc_ssh as a cloud-init module so it is guaranteed to run before
   ssh starts (LP: #781101)
 - make prefix for keys added to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys configurable
   and add 'no-port-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding'
   to the default (LP: #798505)
 - make 'cloud-config ready' command configurable (LP: #785551)
 - make fstab fields used to 'fill in' shorthand entries configurable
   This means you do not have to have 'nobootwait' in the values
   (LP: #785542)
 - read /etc/ssh/sshd_config for AuthorizedKeysFile rather than
   assuming ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (LP: #731849)
 - fix cloud-init in ubuntu lxc containers (LP: #800824)
 - sanitize hosts file for system's hostname to (LP: #802637)
 - add chef support (cloudinit/CloudConfig/ (LP: ##798844)
 - do not give trace on failure to resize in lxc container (LP: #800856)
 - increase the timeout on url gets for "seedfrom" values (LP: #812646)
 - do not write entries for ephemeral0 on t1.micro (LP: #744019)
 - support 'include-once' so that expiring or one-time use urls can
   be used for '#include' to provide sensitive data.
 - support for passing public and private keys to mcollective via cloud-config
 - support multiple staticly configured network devices, as long as
   all of them come up early (LP: #810044)
 - Changes to handling user data mean that:
   * boothooks will now run more than once as they were intended (and as bootcmd
     commands do)
   * cloud-config and user-scripts will be updated from user data every boot
 - Fix issue where 'isatty' would return true for apt-add-repository.
   apt-add-repository would get stdin which was attached to a terminal
  (/dev/console) and would thus hang when running during boot. (LP: 831505)
   This was done by changing all users of util.subp to have None input unless specified
 - Add some debug info to the console when cloud-init runs.
   This is useful if debugging, IP and route information is printed to the console.
 - change the mechanism for handling .ssh/authorized_keys, to update entries
   rather than appending. This ensures that the authorized_keys that are being
   inserted actually do something (LP: #434076, LP: #833499)
 - log warning on failure to set hostname (LP: #832175)
 - upstart/cloud-init-nonet.conf: wait for all network interfaces to be up
   allow for the possibility of /var/run != /run.
 - DataSourceNoCloud, DataSourceOVF : do not provide a default hostname.
   This way the configured hostname of the system will be used if not provided
   by metadata (LP: #838280)
 - DataSourceOVF: change the default instance id to 'iid-dsovf' from 'nocloud'
 - Improve the OVF documentation, and provide a simple command line
   tool for creating a useful ISO file.

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download icon cloud-init-0.6.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) source tarball 171
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 171

0.6.1 release from the trunk series released

Release information

 - fix bug in fixing permission on /var/log/cloud-init.log (LP: #704509)
 - improve comment strings in rsyslog file tools/21-cloudinit.conf
 - add previous-instance-id and previous-datasource files to datadir
 - add 'datasource' file to instance dir
 - add setting of passwords and enabling/disabling of PasswordAuthentication
   for sshd. By default no changes are done to sshd.
 - fix for puppet configuration options (LP: #709946) [Ryan Lane]
 - fix pickling of DataSource, which broke seeding.
 - turn resize_rootfs default to True
 - avoid mounts in DataSourceOVF if 'read' on device fails
   'mount /dev/sr0' for an empty virtual cdrom device was taking 18 seconds
 - add 'manual_cache_clean' option to select manual cleaning of
   the /var/lib/cloud/instance/ link, for a data source that might
   not be present on every boot
 - make DataSourceEc2 retries and timeout configurable
 - add helper routines for apt-get update and install
 - add 'bootcmd' like 'runcmd' to cloud-config syntax for running things early
 - move from '#opt_include' in config file format to conf_d.
   ie, now files in /etc/cloud.cfg.d/ is read rather than reading
   '#opt_include <filename>' or '#include <filename>' in cloud.cfg
 - allow /etc/hosts to be written from hosts.tmpl. which allows
   getting local-hostname into /etc/hosts (LP: #720440)
 - better handle startup if there is no eth0 (LP: #714807)
 - update rather than append in puppet config [Marc Cluet]
 - add cloud-config for mcollective [Marc Cluet]

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download icon cloud-init_0.6.1.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) source tarball 147
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 147

0.6.0 release from the trunk series released

Release information

 - change permissions of /var/log/cloud-init.log to accomodate
   syslog writing to it (LP: #704509)
 - rework of /var/lib/cloud layout
 - remove updates-check (LP: #653220)
 - support resizing / on first boot (enabled by default)
 - added support for running CloudConfig modules at cloud-init time
   rather than cloud-config time, and the new 'cloud_init_modules'
   entry in cloud.cfg to indicate which should run then.
   The driving force behind this was to have the rsyslog module
   able to run before rsyslog even runs so that a restart would
   not be needed (rsyslog on ubuntu runs on 'filesystem')
 - moved setting and updating of hostname to cloud_init_modules
   this allows the user to easily disable these from running.
   This also means:
   - the semaphore name for 'set_hostname' and 'update_hostname'
     changes to 'config_set_hostname' and 'config_update_hostname'
 - added cloud-config option 'hostname' for setting hostname
 - moved upstart/cloud-run-user-script.conf to upstart/cloud-final.conf
 - cloud-final.conf now runs runs cloud-config modules similar
   to cloud-config and cloud-init.
 - LP: #653271
   - added writing of "boot-finished" to /var/lib/cloud/instance/boot-finished
     this is the last thing done, indicating cloud-init is finished booting
   - writes message to console with timestamp and uptime
 - write ssh keys to console as one of the last things done
   this is to ensure they don't get run off the 'get-console-ouptut' buffer
 - user_scripts run via cloud-final and thus semaphore renamed from
   user_scripts to config_user_scripts
 - add support for redirecting output of cloud-init, cloud-config, cloud-final
   via the config file, or user data config file
 - add support for posting data about the instance to a url (phone_home)
 - add minimal OVF transport (iso) support
 - make DataSources that are attempted dynamic and configurable from
   system config. changen "cloud_type: auto" as configuration for this
   to 'datasource_list: [ "Ec2" ]'. Each of the items in that list
   must be modules that can be loaded by "DataSource<item>"
 - add 'timezone' option to cloud-config (LP: #645458)
 - Added an additional archive format, that can be used for multi-part
   input to cloud-init. This may be more user friendly then mime-multipart
   See example in doc/examples/cloud-config-archive.txt (LP: #641504)
 - add support for reading Rightscale style user data (LP: #668400)
   and acting on it in cloud-config (
 - make the message on 'disable_root' more clear (LP: #672417)
 - do not require public key if private is given in ssh cloud-config
   (LP: #648905)

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download icon cloud-init-0.6.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) source tarball 78
last downloaded 2 days ago
Total downloads: 78

0.5.15 release from the trunk series released

File Description Downloads
download icon cloud-init-0.5.15.tar.gz (md5, sig) source tarball 534
last downloaded 2 days ago
Total downloads: 534

0.5.14 release from the trunk series released

File Description Downloads
download icon cloud-init-0.5.14.tar.gz (md5, sig) 0.5.14 compressed tarfile 98
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 98

4146 of 46 releases