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 - change permissions of /var/log/cloud-init.log to accomodate
   syslog writing to it (LP: #704509)
 - rework of /var/lib/cloud layout
 - remove updates-check (LP: #653220)
 - support resizing / on first boot (enabled by default)
 - added support for running CloudConfig modules at cloud-init time
   rather than cloud-config time, and the new 'cloud_init_modules'
   entry in cloud.cfg to indicate which should run then.
   The driving force behind this was to have the rsyslog module
   able to run before rsyslog even runs so that a restart would
   not be needed (rsyslog on ubuntu runs on 'filesystem')
 - moved setting and updating of hostname to cloud_init_modules
   this allows the user to easily disable these from running.
   This also means:
   - the semaphore name for 'set_hostname' and 'update_hostname'
     changes to 'config_set_hostname' and 'config_update_hostname'
 - added cloud-config option 'hostname' for setting hostname
 - moved upstart/cloud-run-user-script.conf to upstart/cloud-final.conf
 - cloud-final.conf now runs runs cloud-config modules similar
   to cloud-config and cloud-init.
 - LP: #653271
   - added writing of "boot-finished" to /var/lib/cloud/instance/boot-finished
     this is the last thing done, indicating cloud-init is finished booting
   - writes message to console with timestamp and uptime
 - write ssh keys to console as one of the last things done
   this is to ensure they don't get run off the 'get-console-ouptut' buffer
 - user_scripts run via cloud-final and thus semaphore renamed from
   user_scripts to config_user_scripts
 - add support for redirecting output of cloud-init, cloud-config, cloud-final
   via the config file, or user data config file
 - add support for posting data about the instance to a url (phone_home)
 - add minimal OVF transport (iso) support
 - make DataSources that are attempted dynamic and configurable from
   system config. changen "cloud_type: auto" as configuration for this
   to 'datasource_list: [ "Ec2" ]'. Each of the items in that list
   must be modules that can be loaded by "DataSource<item>"
 - add 'timezone' option to cloud-config (LP: #645458)
 - Added an additional archive format, that can be used for multi-part
   input to cloud-init. This may be more user friendly then mime-multipart
   See example in doc/examples/cloud-config-archive.txt (LP: #641504)
 - add support for reading Rightscale style user data (LP: #668400)
   and acting on it in cloud-config (
 - make the message on 'disable_root' more clear (LP: #672417)
 - do not require public key if private is given in ssh cloud-config
   (LP: #648905)

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