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 - fix bug in fixing permission on /var/log/cloud-init.log (LP: #704509)
 - improve comment strings in rsyslog file tools/21-cloudinit.conf
 - add previous-instance-id and previous-datasource files to datadir
 - add 'datasource' file to instance dir
 - add setting of passwords and enabling/disabling of PasswordAuthentication
   for sshd. By default no changes are done to sshd.
 - fix for puppet configuration options (LP: #709946) [Ryan Lane]
 - fix pickling of DataSource, which broke seeding.
 - turn resize_rootfs default to True
 - avoid mounts in DataSourceOVF if 'read' on device fails
   'mount /dev/sr0' for an empty virtual cdrom device was taking 18 seconds
 - add 'manual_cache_clean' option to select manual cleaning of
   the /var/lib/cloud/instance/ link, for a data source that might
   not be present on every boot
 - make DataSourceEc2 retries and timeout configurable
 - add helper routines for apt-get update and install
 - add 'bootcmd' like 'runcmd' to cloud-config syntax for running things early
 - move from '#opt_include' in config file format to conf_d.
   ie, now files in /etc/cloud.cfg.d/ is read rather than reading
   '#opt_include <filename>' or '#include <filename>' in cloud.cfg
 - allow /etc/hosts to be written from hosts.tmpl. which allows
   getting local-hostname into /etc/hosts (LP: #720440)
 - better handle startup if there is no eth0 (LP: #714807)
 - update rather than append in puppet config [Marc Cluet]
 - add cloud-config for mcollective [Marc Cluet]

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