cloud-init 0.6.3

many testing and style improvements, many bug fixes.

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Scott Moser
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 - add sample systemd config files [Garrett Holmstrom]
 - add Fedora support [Garrent Holstrom] (LP: #883286)
 - fix bug in netinfo.debug_info if no net devices available (LP: #883367)
 - use python module hashlib rather than md5 to avoid deprecation warnings.
 - support configuration of mirror based on dns name ubuntu-mirror in
   local domain.
 - support setting of Acquire::HTTP::Proxy via 'apt_proxy'
 - DataSourceEc2: more resilliant to slow metadata service
   - config change: 'retries' dropped, 'max_wait' added, timeout increased
 - close stdin in all cloud-init programs that are launched at boot
   (LP: #903993)
 - revert management of /etc/hosts to 0.6.1 style (LP: #890501, LP: #871966)
 - write full ssh keys to console for easy machine consumption (LP: #893400)
 - put INSTANCE_ID environment variable in bootcmd scripts
 - add 'cloud-init-per' script for easily running things with a given frequency
 - replace cloud-init-run-module with cloud-init-per
 - support configuration of landscape-client via cloud-config (LP: #857366)
 - part-handlers now get base64 decoded content rather than 2xbase64 encoded
   in the payload parameter. (LP: #874342)
 - add test case framework [Mike Milner] (LP: #890851)
 - fix pylint warnings [Juerg Haefliger] (LP: #914739)
 - add support for adding and deleting CA Certificates [Mike Milner]
   (LP: #915232)
 - in ci-info lines, use '.' to indicate empty field for easier machine reading
 - support empty lines in "#include" files (LP: #923043)
 - support configuration of salt minions (Jeff Bauer) (LP: #927795)
 - DataSourceOVF: only search for OVF data on ISO9660 filesystems (LP: #898373)
 - DataSourceConfigDrive: support getting data from openstack config drive
   (LP: #857378)
 - DataSourceNoCloud: support seed from external disk of ISO or vfat
   (LP: #857378)
 - DataSourceNoCloud: support inserting /etc/network/interfaces
 - DataSourceMaaS: add data source for Ubuntu Machines as a Service (MaaS)
   (LP: #942061)
 - DataSourceCloudStack: add support for CloudStack datasource [Cosmin Luta]
 - add option 'apt_pipelining' to address issue with S3 mirrors
   (LP: #948461) [Ben Howard]
 - warn on non-multipart, non-handled user-data [Martin Packman]
 - run resizefs in the background in order to not block boot (LP: #961226)
 - Fix bug in Chef support where validation_key was present in config, but
   'validation_cert' was not (LP: #960547)
 - Provide user friendly message when an invalid locale is set
   [Ben Howard] (LP: #859814)
 - Support reading cloud-config from kernel command line parameter and
   populating local file with it, which can then provide data for DataSources
 - improve chef examples for working configurations on 11.10 and 12.04
   [Lorin Hochstein] (LP: #960564)

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