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- sysvinit: fix missing dependency in cloud-init job for RHEL 5.6
- config-drive: map hostname to local-hostname (LP: #1061964)
- landscape: install landscape-client package if not installed.
  only take action if cloud-config is present (LP: #1066115)
- cc_landscape: restart landscape after install or config (LP: #1070345)
- multipart/archive. do not fail on unknown headers in multipart
  mime or cloud-archive config (LP: #1065116).
- tools/ avoid warning when user's shell is
  zsh (LP: #1073077)
- fix stack trace when unknown user-data input had unicode (LP: #1075756)
- split 'apt-update-upgrade' config module into 'apt-configure' and
  'package-update-upgrade-install'. The 'package-update-upgrade-install'
  will be a cross distro module.
- Cleanups:
  - Remove usage of paths.join, as all code should run through util helpers
  - Fix pylint complaining about tests folder '' not being found
  - Add a pylintrc file that is used instead options hidden in 'run_pylint'
- fix bug where cloud-config from user-data could not affect system_info
  settings [revno 703] (LP: #1076811)
- for write fqdn to system config for rh/fedora [revno 704]
- add yaml/cloud config examples checking tool [revno 706]
- Fix the merging of group configuration when that group configuration is a
  dict => members. [revno 707]
- add yum_add_repo configuration module for adding additional yum repos
- fix public key importing with config-drive-v2 datasource (LP: #1077700)
- handle renaming and fixing up of marker names (LP: 1075980) [revno 710]
  this relieves that burden from the distro/packaging.
- group config: fix how group members weren't being translated correctly
  when the group: [member, member...] format was used (LP: #1077245)
- sysconfig: fix how the /etc/sysconfig/network should be using the fully
  qualified domain name instead of the partially qualified domain name
  which is used in the ubuntu/debian case (LP: #1076759)
- fix how string escaping was not working when the string was a unicode
  string which was causing the warning message not to be written
  out (LP: #1075756)
- for boto > 0.6.0 there was a lazy load of the metadata added, when cloud-init
  runs the usage of this lazy loading is hidden and since that lazy loading
  will be performed on future attribute access we must traverse the lazy loaded
  dictionary and force it to full expand so that if cloud-init blocks the ec2
  metadata port the lazy loaded dictionary will continue working properly
  instead of trying to make additional url calls which will fail (LP: #1068801)
- use a set of helper/parsing classes to perform system configuration
  for easier test. (/etc/sysconfig, /etc/hostname, resolv.conf, /etc/hosts)
- add power_state_change config module for shutting down stystem after
  cloud-init finishes. (LP: #1064665)

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