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 - Digital Ocean: add datasource for Digital Ocean. [Neal Shrader]
 - expose uses_systemd as a distro function (fix rhel7)
 - fix broken 'output' config (LP: #1387340)
 - begin adding cloud config module docs to config modules (LP: #1383510)
 - retain trailing eol from template files (sources.list) when
   rendered with jinja (LP: #1355343)
 - Only use datafiles and initsys addon outside virtualenvs
 - Fix the digital ocean test case on python 2.6
 - Increase the usefulness, robustness, configurability of the chef module
   so that it is more useful, more documented and better for users
 - Fix how '=' signs are not handled that well in ssh_utils (LP: #1391303)
 - Be more tolerant of ssh keys passed into 'ssh_authorized_keys'; allowing
   for list, tuple, set, dict, string types and warning on other unexpected
 - Update to use newer/better OMNIBUS_URL for chef module
 - GCE: Allow base64 encoded user-data (LP: #1404311) [Wayne Witzell III]
 - GCE: use short hostname rather than fqdn (LP: #1383794) [Ben Howard]
 - systemd: make init stage run before login prompts shown [Steve Langasek]
 - hostname: on first boot apply hostname to be same as is written for
   persistent hostname. (LP: #1246485)
 - remove usage of dmidecode on linux in favor of /sys interface [Ben Howard]
 - python3 support [Barry Warsaw, Daniel Watkins, Josh Harlow] (LP: #1247132)
 - support managing gpt partitions in disk config [Daniel Watkins]
 - Azure: utilze gpt support for ephemeral formating [Daniel Watkins]
 - CloudStack: support fetching password from virtual router [Daniel Watkins]
   (LP: #1422388)
 - readurl, read_file_or_url returns bytes, user must convert as necessary
 - SmartOS: use v2 metadata service (LP: #1436417) [Daniel Watkins]
 - NoCloud: fix local datasource claiming found without explicit dsmode
 - Snappy: add support for installing snappy packages and configuring.
 - systemd: use network-online instead of (LP: #1440180)
   [Steve Langasek]
 - Add functionality to fixate the uid of a newly added user.
 - Don't overwrite the hostname if the user has changed it after we set it.
 - GCE datasource does not handle instance ssh keys (LP: 1403617)
 - sysvinit: make cloud-init-local run before network (LP: #1275098)
   [Surojit Pathak]
 - Azure: do not re-set hostname if user has changed it (LP: #1375252)
 - Fix exception when running with no arguments on Python 3. [Daniel Watkins]
 - Centos: detect/expect use of systemd on centos 7. [Brian Rak]
 - Azure: remove dependency on walinux-agent [Daniel Watkins]
 - EC2: know about eu-central-1 availability-zone (LP: #1456684)
 - Azure: remove password from on-disk ovf-env.xml (LP: #1443311) [Ben Howard]
 - Doc: include information on user-data in OpenStack [Daniel Watkins]
 - Systemd: check for systemd using sd_booted symantics (LP: #1461201)
   [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
 - Add an rh_subscription module to handle registration of Red Hat instances.
   [Brent Baude]
 - cc_apt_configure: fix importing keys under python3 (LP: #1463373)
 - cc_growpart: fix specification of 'devices' list (LP: #1465436)
 - CloudStack: fix password setting on cloudstack > 4.5.1 (LP: #1464253)
 - GCE: fix determination of availability zone (LP: #1470880)
 - ssh: generate ed25519 host keys (LP: #1461242)
 - distro mirrors: provide datasource to mirror selection code to support
   GCE regional mirrors. (LP: #1470890)
 - add udev rules that identify ephemeral device on Azure (LP: #1411582)
 - _read_dmi_syspath: fix bad log message causing unintended exception
 - rsyslog: add additional configuration mode (LP: #1478103)
 - status_wrapper in main: fix use of print_exc when handling exception
 - reporting: add reporting module for web hook or logging of events.
 - NoCloud: fix consumption of vendordata (LP: #1493453)
 - power_state_change: support 'condition' to disable or enable poweroff
 - ubuntu fan: support for config and installing of ubuntu fan (LP: #1504604)
 - Azure: support extracting SSH key values from ovf-env.xml (LP: #1506244)
 - AltCloud: fix call to udevadm settle (LP: #1507526)
 - Ubuntu templates: modify sources.list template to provide same sources
   as install from server or desktop ISO. (LP: #1177432)
 - cc_mounts: use 'nofail' if system uses systemd. (LP: #1514485)
 - Azure: get instance id from dmi instead of SharedConfig (LP: #1506187)
 - systemd/power_state: fix power_state to work even if cloud-final
   exited non-zero (LP: #1449318)
 - SmartOS: Add support for Joyent LX-Brand Zones (LP: #1540965)
   [Robert C Jennings]
 - systemd: support using systemd-detect-virt to detect container
   (LP: #1539016) [Martin Pitt]
 - docs: fix lock_passwd documentation [Robert C Jennings]
 - Azure: Handle escaped quotes in WALinuxAgentShim.find_endpoint.
   (LP: #1488891) [Dan Watkins]
 - lxd: add support for setting up lxd using 'lxd init' (LP: #1522879)
 - Add Image Customization Parser for VMware vSphere Hypervisor
   Support. [Sankar Tanguturi]
 - timezone: use a symlink rather than copy for /etc/localtime
   unless it is already a file (LP: #1543025).
 - Enable password changing via a hashed string [Alex Sirbu]
 - Added BigStep datasource [Alex Sirbu]
 - No longer run pollinate in seed_random (LP: #1554152)
 - groups: add defalt user to 'lxd' group. Create groups listed
   for a user if they do not exist. (LP: #1539317)
 - dmi data: fix failure of reading dmi data for unset dmi values
 - doc: mention label for nocloud datasource must be 'cidata' [Peter Hurley]
 - ssh_pwauth: fix module to support 'unchanged' and match behavior
   described in documentation [Chris Cosby]
 - quickly check to see if the previous instance id is still valid to
   avoid dependency on network metadata service on every boot (LP: #1553815)
 - support network configuration in cloud-init --local with support
   device naming via
 - FreeBSD: add support for installing packages, setting password and
   timezone. Change default user to 'freebsd'. [Ben Arblaster]
 - locale: list unsupported environment settings in warning (LP: #1558069)
 - disk_setup: correctly send --force to mkfs on block devices (LP: #1548772)
 - chef: fix chef install from gems (LP: #1553345)
 - systemd: do not specify After of obsolete (LP: #1536964)
 - centos: Ensure that resolve conf object is written as a str (LP: #1479988)
 - chef: straighten out validation_cert and validation_key (LP: #1568940)
 - phone_home: allow usage of fqdn (LP: #1566824) [Ollie Armstrong]
 - cloudstack: Only use DHCPv4 lease files as a datasource (LP: #1576273)
   [Wido den Hollander]
 - Paths: fix instance path if datasource's id has a '/'. (LP: #1575938)
   [Robert Jennings]
 - Ec2: do not retry requests for user-data path on 404.
 - settings on the kernel command line (cc:) override all local settings
   rather than only those in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg (LP: #1582323)
 - Improve merging documentation [Daniel Watkins]
 - apt sources: support inserting key/key-id only, custom sources.list,
   long gpg key fingerprints with spaces, and dictionary format (LP: #1574113)
 - SmartOS: datasource improvements and support for metadata service
   providing networking information.
 - Datasources: centrally handle 'dsmode' and no longer require datasources
   to "pass" if modules_init should be executed with network access.
 - ConfigDrive: improved support for networking information from
   a network_data.json or older interfaces formated network_config.
 - Change missing Cheetah log warning to debug [Andrew Jorgensen]
 - Remove trailing dot from GCE metadata URL (LP: #1581200) [Phil Roche]
 - support network rendering to sysconfig (for centos and RHEL)
 - write_files: if no permissions are given, just use default without warn.
 - user_data: fix error when user-data is not utf-8 decodable (LP: #1532072)
 - fix mcollective module with python3 (LP: #1597699) [Sergii Golovatiuk]

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1275414 #1275414 Support for Google Cloud Engine. 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
1571004 #1571004 apply networking only on first instance boot 4 Medium Scott Moser  10 Fix Released
1603533 #1603533 Can't build correctly using brpm on cent7 4 Medium Joshua Harlow  10 Fix Released
1247132 #1247132 Python 3 support and dropping cheetah 5 Low Joshua Harlow  10 Fix Released
1286164 #1286164 final_message does not work with cloud-init 0.7.3 5 Low   10 Fix Released
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