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Release notes 

Contributions to 0.7.8 were made by 11 developers, 13 bugs were fixed.

Significant improvements include:
 * Better Gentoo support
 * Use of new end point on Digital Ocean
 * Improved configuration format for apt
 * Improved support for obtaining the Azure endpoint
 * Support for vendor-data in MAAS datasource
 * Spacewalk configuration module


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 - SmartOS: more improvements for network configuration
 - add ntp config module [Ryan Harper]
 - ChangeLog: update changelog for previous commit.
 - Add distro tags on config modules that should have it.
 - NoCloud: fix bug providing network-interfaces via meta-data. (LP: 1577982)
 - ConfigDrive: recognize 'tap' as a link type. (LP: #1610784)
 - Upgrade to a configobj package new enough to work
 - MAAS: add vendor-data support (LP: #1612313)
 - DigitalOcean: use the v1.json endpoint [Ben Howard]
 - Get Azure endpoint server from DHCP client [Brent Baude]
 - Apt: add new apt configuration format [Christian Ehrhardt]
 - distros: fix get_primary_arch method use of os.uname [Andrew Jorgensen]
 - Fix Gentoo net config generation [Matthew Thode]
 - Minor cleanups to atomic_helper and add unit tests.
 - azure dhclient-hook cleanups
 - network: fix get_interface_mac for bond slave, read_sys_net for ENOTDIR
 - Generate a dummy bond name for OpenStack (LP: #1605749)
 - add install option for openrc [Matthew Thode]
 - Add a module that can configure spacewalk.
 - python2.6: fix dict comprehension usage in _lsb_release.
 - apt-config: allow both old and new format to be present.
   [Christian Ehrhardt] (LP: #1616831)
 - bddeb: add --release flag to specify the release in changelog.
 - salt minion: update default pki directory for newer salt minion.
   (LP: #1609899)
 - Fix typo in default keys for phone_home [Roland Sommer] (LP: #1607810)
 - apt config conversion: treat empty string as not provided. (LP: #1621180)
 - tests: cleanup tempdirs in apt_source tests
 - systemd: Better support package and upgrade. (LP: #1576692, #1621336)
 - remove obsolete .bzrignore
 - DataSourceOVF: fix user-data as base64 with python3 (LP: #1619394)
 - Allow link type of null in network_data.json [Jon Grimm] (LP: #1621968)

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1603238 #1603238 BOM error updating hostname on centos6.x 4 Medium Joshua Harlow  10 Fix Released
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