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Release notes 

Cloud-init 0.7.9 was built by 21 individual developers.

The most notable things present are:
 * The License has been changed on cloud-init. Previously, it was GPL-v3.
   Now, cloud-init is available under either the GPL-v3 or
   the Apache License version 2.0.
 * An integration test framework is added, and a specific implementation
   that uses LXD. We hope to do further work on this and extend it
   to other platforms and extend the tests that can be run.
   Thanks to Wesley Wiedenmeier and Joshua Powers.
 * Significant documentation improvements, including doc on individual
   config modules and stages of boot.
 * By default, cloud-init will no longer log to syslog, but rather
   directly to /var/log/cloud-init.log.
 * Datasources will now have 'activate_datasource' called each boot.
   This gives the datasource a chance to take specific code paths.
   It is used in Azure to make the disk_setup and mounts modules
   run on a resize.


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 - doc: adjust headers in tests documentation for consistency.
 - pep8: fix issue found in zesty build with pycodestyle.
 - integration test: initial commit of integration test framework
   [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
 - LICENSE: Allow dual licensing GPL-3 or Apache 2.0 [Jon Grimm]
 - Fix config order of precedence, putting kernel command line over system.
   [Wesley Wiedenmeier] (LP: #1582323)
 - pep8: whitespace fix
 - Update the list of valid ssh keys. [Michael Felt]
 - network: add ENI unit test for statically rendered routes.
 - set_hostname: avoid erroneously appending domain to fqdn
   [Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1647910)
 - doc: change 'nobootwait' to 'nofail' in docs [Anhad Jai Singh]
 - Replace an expired link in code comment.
 - user-groups: fix bug when groups was provided as string and had spaces
   (LP: #1354694)
 - mounts: use mount -a again to accomplish mounts (LP: #1647708)
 - CloudSigma: Fix bug where datasource was not loaded in local search.
   (LP: #1648380)
 - when adding a user, strip whitespace from group list [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
   (LP: #1354694)
 - fix decoding of utf-8 chars in yaml test
 - Replace usage of sys_netdev_info with read_sys_net (LP: #1625766)
 - fix problems found in python2.6 test.
 - OpenStack: extend physical types to include hyperv, hw_veb, vhost_user.
   (LP: #1642679)
 - tests: fix assumptions that expected no eth0 in system. (LP: #1644043)
 - net/cmdline: Consider ip= or ip6= on command line not only ip=
   (LP: #1639930)
 - Just use file logging by default (LP: #1643990)
 - Improve formatting for ProcessExecutionError [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
 - flake8: fix trailing white space
 - Doc: various documentation fixes [Sean Bright]
 - cloudinit/config/ Remove repos before adding
   [Brent Baude]
 - packages/redhat: fix rpm spec file.
 - main: set TZ in environment if not already set. [Ryan Harper]
 - Azure: No longer rely on walinux agent. (LP: #1538522)
 - disk_setup: Use sectors as unit when formatting MBR disks with sfdisk.
   [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1460715)
 - Add activate_datasource, for datasource specific code paths. (LP: #1611074)
 - systemd: cloud-init-local use RequiresMountsFor=/var/lib/cloud
   (LP: #1642062)
 - systemd: cloud-init remove After=systemd-networkd-wait-online
 - systemd: cloud-init-local change Before basic to sysinit
 - pep8: fix style errors reported by pycodestyle 2.1.0
 - systemd: drop both Wants and After
 - systemd: networking service adjustments. (LP: #1636912)
 - systemd: replace, with
   (LP: #1629797)
 - doc: Add documentation on stages of boot.
 - doc: make the RST files consistently formated and other improvements.
 - Ec2: fix syntax and tox in previous commit.
 - Ec2: protect against non-dictionary in block-device-mapping.
 - doc: fixed example to not overwrite /etc/hosts [Chris Glass]
 - Doc: fix spelling / typos in ca_certs and scripts_vendor.
 - pyflakes: fix issue with pyflakes 1.3 found in ubuntu zesty-proposed.
 - net/cmdline: Further adjustments to ipv6 support [LaMont Jones]
   (LP: #1621615)
 - Add coverage dependency to bddeb to fix package build.
 - doc: improve HACKING.rst file
 - dmidecode: Allow dmidecode to be used on aarch64 [Robert Schweikert]
 - AliYun: Add new datasource for Ali-Cloud ECS [kaihuan.pkh]
 - Add coverage collection to tox unit tests. [Joshua Powers]
 - cc_users_groups: fix remaing call to ds.normalize_user_groups [Ryan Harper]
 - disk-config: udev settle after partitioning in gpt format. (LP: #1626243)
 - unittests: do not read system /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d (LP: #1635350)
 - Add documentation for logging features. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
 - Add support for snap create-user on Ubuntu Core images. [Ryan Harper]
 - Fix sshd restarts for rhel distros. [Jim Gorz]
 - OpenNebula: replace 'ip' parsing with usage.
 - Fix python2.6 things found running in centos 6.
 - Move user/group functions to new ug_util file
 - DigitalOcean: enable usage of data source by default.
 - update Gentoo initscripts to run in the correct order [Matthew Thode]
 - MAAS: improve the main of datasource to look at kernel cmdline config.
 - tests: silence the Cheetah UserWarning about NameMapper C version.
 - systemd: Run cloud-init.service Before dbus.socket not
   [Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1629797)
 - systemd: run cloud-init.service Before dbus.service (LP: #1629797)
 - unittests: fix use of mock 2.0 'assert_called' when running make check
   [Ryan Harper]
 - Improve module documentation and doc cleanup. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
 - lxd: Update network config for LXD 2.3 [St├ęphane Graber]
 - DigitalOcean: use meta-data for network configruation [Ben Howard]
 - ntp: move to run after apt configuration (LP: #1628337)
 - Decode unicode types in decode_binary [Robert Schweikert]
 - systemd: Ensure that cloud-init-local happens before NetworkManager
 - Allow ephemeral drive to be unpartitioned [Paul Meyer]
 - subp: add 'update_env' argument
 - net: support reading ipv6 dhcp config from initramfs [LaMont Jones]
   (LP: #1621615, #1621507)
 - Adjust mounts and disk configuration for systemd. (LP: #1611074)
 - dmidecode: run dmidecode only on i?86 or x86_64 arch. [Robert Schweikert]
 - systemd: put After (LP: #1623868)

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