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Release notes 

Cloud-init release 19.4 is now available

The 19.4 release:
 * spanned about 6 weeks
 * had 28 contributors from 29 domains
 * fixed 15 launchpad issues

 - Azure:
  - Azure cloud integration test support to cloud_tests
  - new_instance_id will properly match incorrect byte-swapped UUIDs
   - add support for multiple IP addresses on a single nic
 - FreeBSD:
    - support for ds-identify on systems without /sys filesystem
    - support for password expiry
 - Parsing dhcp lease file format option 121 on RedHat
 - Adding initial Redhat based Amazon linux definition
 - Documentation updates both online docs and man pages
 - Bug fixes for network configuration v1
 - Ec2: Add support for IMDSv2 session based API tokens
 - Salt/minion package version updates for FreeBSD


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 - doc: specify _ over - in cloud config modules
   [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1293254)
 - tools: Detect python to use via env in migrate-lp-user-to-github
   [Adam Dobrawy]
 - Partially revert "fix unlocking method on FreeBSD" (#116)
 - tests: mock uid when running as root (#113)
   [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1856096)
 - cloudinit/netinfo: remove unused getgateway (#111)
 - docs: clear up apt config sections (#107) [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1832823)
 - doc: add kernel command line option to user data (#105)
   [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1846524)
 - config/cloud.cfg.d: update README [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1855006)
 - azure: avoid re-running cloud-init when instance-id is byte-swapped
   (#84) [AOhassan]
 - fix unlocking method on FreeBSD [Igor Galić] (LP: #1854594)
 - debian: add reference to the manpages [Joshua Powers]
 - ds_identify: if /sys is not available use dmidecode (#42)
   [Igor Galić] (LP: #1852442)
 - docs: add cloud-id manpage [Joshua Powers]
 - docs: add cloud-init-per manpage [Joshua Powers]
 - docs: add cloud-init manpage [Joshua Powers]
 - docs: add additional details to per-instance/once [Joshua Powers]
 - Update doc-requirements.txt [Joshua Powers]
 - doc-requirements: add missing dep [Joshua Powers]
 - dhcp: Support RedHat dhcp rfc3442 lease format for option 121 (#76)
   [Eric Lafontaine] (LP: #1850642)
 - network_state: handle empty v1 config (#45) (LP: #1852496)
 - docs: Add document on how to report bugs [Joshua Powers]
 - Add an Amazon distro in the redhat OS family [Frederick Lefebvre]
 - removed a couple of "the"s [gaughen]
 - docs: fix line length and remove highlighting [Joshua Powers]
 - docs: Add to readthedocs [Joshua Powers]
 - Multiple file fix for AuthorizedKeysFile config (#60) [Eduardo Otubo]
 - Revert "travis: only run CI on pull requests"
 - doc: update links on [Joshua Powers]
 - doc: Updates to wording of [Joshua Powers]
 - Add [Joshua Powers]
 - Amazon Linux sets libexec to /usr/libexec (#52)
   [Frederick Lefebvre]
 - Fix linting failure in test_url_helper (#83) [Eric Lafontaine]
 - url_helper: read_file_or_url should pass headers param into readurl
   (#66) (LP: #1854084)
 - dmidecode: log result *after* stripping n [Igor Galić]
 - cloud_tests: add azure platform support to integration tests
 - set_passwords: support for FreeBSD (#46) [Igor Galić]
 - tools: migrate-lp-user-to-github removes repo_dir if created (#35)
 - Correct jumbled documentation for cc_set_hostname module (#64)
   [do3meli] (LP: #1853543)
 - FreeBSD: fix for get_linux_distro() and lru_cache (#59)
   [Igor Galić] (LP: #1815030)
 - ec2: Add support for AWS IMDS v2 (session-oriented) (#55)
 - tests: Fix cloudsigma tests when no dmidecode data is present. (#57)
   [Scott Moser]
 - net: IPv6, accept_ra, slaac, stateless (#51)
   [Harald] (LP: #1806014, #1808647)
 - docs: Update the configdrive datasource links (#44)
   [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1852461)
 - distro: correctly set usr_lib_exec path for FreeBSD distro (#40)
   [Igor Galić] (LP: #1852491)
 - azure: support secondary ipv6 addresses (#33)
 - Fix metadata check when local-hostname is null (#32)
   [Mark Goddard] (LP: #1852100)
 - switch default FreeBSD salt minion pkg from py27 to py36
   [Dominic Schlegel]
 - travis: only run CI on pull requests
 - add data-server dns entry as new metadata server detection [Joshua Hügli]
 - pycodestyle: remove unused local variable
 - reporting: Using a uuid to enforce uniqueness on the KVP keys. [momousta]
 - docs: touchups in rtd intro and
 - doc: update launchpad git refs to github
 - github: drop pull-request template to prepare for migration
 - tools: add migrate-lp-user-to-github script to link LP to github
 - github: new basic project readme

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