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Release notes 

Cloud-init release 20.4 is now available

The 20.4 release:
 * spanned about 3 months
 * had 29 contributors from 31 domains
 * fixed 14 Launchpad issues

 - Azure ability to hot-attach NICs to preprovisioned VMs before reprovisioning
 - Additional Azure failure handling
 - Add NoCloud seed from vendordata
 - Ability to blacklist network interfaces based on driver
 - New IBM PowerVM specific RMC module
 - Allow OVS bridge as primary interface
 - add cli "--system" param to allow validating system user-data
 - Support configuring SSH host certificates
 - New integration testing framework


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 - tox: avoid tox testenv subsvars for xenial support (#684)
 - Ensure proper root permissions in integration tests (#664) [James Falcon]
 - LXD VM support in integration tests (#678) [James Falcon]
 - Integration test for fallocate falling back to dd (#681) [James Falcon]
 - .travis.yml: correctly integration test the built .deb (#683)
 - Ability to hot-attach NICs to preprovisioned VMs before reprovisioning
   (#613) [aswinrajamannar]
 - Support configuring SSH host certificates. (#660) [Jonathan Lung]
 - add integration test for LP: #1900837 (#679)
 - cc_resizefs on FreeBSD: Fix _can_skip_ufs_resize (#655)
   [Mina Galić] (LP: #1901958, #1901958)
 - DataSourceAzure: push dmesg log to KVP (#670) [Anh Vo]
 - Make mount in place for tests work (#667) [James Falcon]
 - integration_tests: restore emission of settings to log (#657)
 - DataSourceAzure: update password for defuser if exists (#671) [Anh Vo]
 - tox.ini: only select "ci" marked tests for CI runs (#677)
 - Azure helper: Increase Azure Endpoint HTTP retries (#619) [Johnson Shi]
 - DataSourceAzure: send failure signal on Azure datasource failure (#594)
   [Johnson Shi]
 - test_persistence: simplify VersionIsPoppedFromState (#674)
 - only run a subset of integration tests in CI (#672)
 - cli: add --system param to allow validating system user-data on a
   machine (#575)
 - test_persistence: add VersionIsPoppedFromState test (#673)
 - introduce an upgrade framework and related testing (#659)
 - add --no-tty option to gpg (#669) [Till Riedel] (LP: #1813396)
 - Pin pycloudlib to a working commit (#666) [James Falcon]
 - DataSourceOpenNebula: exclude SRANDOM from context output (#665)
 - cloud_tests: add hirsute release definition (#662)
 - split integration and cloud_tests requirements (#652)
 - faq.rst: add warning to answer that suggests running `clean` (#661)
 - Fix stacktrace in DataSourceRbxCloud if no metadata disk is found (#632)
   [Scott Moser]
 - Make wakeonlan Network Config v2 setting actually work (#626)
 - unify network-refactoring namespace (#658) [Mina Galić]
 - replace usage of dmidecode with kenv on FreeBSD (#621) [Mina Galić]
 - Prevent timeout on travis integration tests. (#651) [James Falcon]
 - azure: enable pushing the log to KVP from the last pushed byte (#614)
   [Moustafa Moustafa]
 - Fix launch_kwargs bug in integration tests (#654) [James Falcon]
 - split read_fs_info into linux & freebsd parts (#625) [Mina Galić]
 - expand commit message section (#642)
 - Make some language improvements in growpart documentation (#649)
   [Shane Frasier]
 - Revert ".travis.yml: use a known-working version of lxd (#643)" (#650)
 - Fix not sourcing default 50-cloud-init ENI file on Debian (#598)
 - remove unnecessary reboot from gpart resize (#646) [Mina Galić]
 - cloudinit: move dmi functions out of util (#622) [Scott Moser]
 - integration_tests: various launch improvements (#638)
 - test_lp1886531: don't assume /etc/fstab exists (#639)
 - Remove Ubuntu restriction from PR template (#648) [James Falcon]
 - util: fix mounting of vfat on *BSD (#637) [Mina Galić]
 - conftest: improve docstring for disable_subp_usage (#644)
 - doc: add example query commands to debug Jinja templates (#645)
 - Correct documentation and testcase data for some user-data YAML (#618)
 - Hetzner: Fix instance_id / SMBIOS serial comparison (#640)
   [Markus Schade]
 - .travis.yml: use a known-working version of lxd (#643)
 - tools/build-on-freebsd: fix comment explaining purpose of the script
   (#635) [Mina Galić]
 - Hetzner: initialize instance_id from system-serial-number (#630)
   [Markus Schade] (LP: #1885527)
 - Explicit set IPV6_AUTOCONF and IPV6_FORCE_ACCEPT_RA on static6 (#634)
   [Eduardo Otubo]
 - get_interfaces: don't exclude Open vSwitch bridge/bond members (#608)
   [Lukas Märdian] (LP: #1898997)
 - Add config modules for controlling IBM PowerVM RMC. (#584)
   [Aman306] (LP: #1895979)
 - Update network config docs to clarify MAC address quoting (#623)
 - gentoo: fix hostname rendering when value has a comment (#611)
   [Manuel Aguilera]
 - refactor integration testing infrastructure (#610) [James Falcon]
 - stages: don't reset permissions of cloud-init.log every boot (#624)
   (LP: #1900837)
 - docs: Add how to use cloud-localds to boot qemu (#617) [Joshua Powers]
 - Drop vestigial update_resolve_conf_file function (#620) [Scott Moser]
 - cc_mounts: correctly fallback to dd if fallocate fails (#585)
   (LP: #1897099)
 - .travis.yml: add integration-tests to Travis matrix (#600)
 - ssh_util: handle non-default AuthorizedKeysFile config (#586)
   [Eduardo Otubo]
 - Multiple file fix for AuthorizedKeysFile config (#60) [Eduardo Otubo]
 - bddeb: new --packaging-branch argument to pull packaging from branch
   (#576) [Paride Legovini]
 - Add more integration tests (#615) [lucasmoura]
 - DataSourceAzure: write marker file after report ready in preprovisioning
   (#590) [Johnson Shi]
 - integration_tests: emit settings to log during setup (#601)
 - integration_tests: implement citest tests run in Travis (#605)
 - Add Azure support to integration test framework (#604) [James Falcon]
 - openstack: consider product_name as valid chassis tag (#580)
   [Adrian Vladu] (LP: #1895976)
 - azure: clean up and refactor report_diagnostic_event (#563) [Johnson Shi]
 - net: add the ability to blacklist network interfaces based on driver
   during enumeration of physical network devices (#591) [Anh Vo]
 - integration_tests: don't error on cloud-init failure (#596)
 - integration_tests: improve cloud-init.log assertions (#593)
 - remove top-level import of httpretty (#599)
 - tox.ini: add integration-tests testenv definition (#595)
 - empty checkboxes need a space (#597)
 - add integration test for LP: #1886531 (#592)
 - Initial implementation of integration testing infrastructure (#581)
   [James Falcon]
 - Fix name of ntp and chrony service on CentOS and RHEL. (#589)
   [Scott Moser] (LP: #1897915)
 - Adding a PR template (#587) [James Falcon]
 - Azure parse_network_config uses fallback cfg when generate IMDS network
   cfg fails (#549) [Johnson Shi]
 - features: refresh docs for easier out-of-context reading (#582)
 - Fix typo in resolv_conf module's description (#578) [Wacław Schiller]
 - cc_users_groups: minor doc formatting fix (#577)
 - Fix typo in disk_setup module's description (#579) [Wacław Schiller]
 - Add vendor-data support to seedfrom parameter for NoCloud and OVF (#570)
   [Johann Queuniet]
 - boot.rst: add First Boot Determination section (#568) (LP: #1888858)
 - opennebula.rst: minor readability improvements (#573) [Mina Galić]
 - cloudinit: remove unused LOG variables (#574)
 - create a shutdown_command method in distro classes (#567)
   [Emmanuel Thomé]
 - user_data: remove unused constant (#566)
 - network: Fix type and respect name when rendering vlan in
   sysconfig. (#541) [Eduardo Otubo] (LP: #1788915, #1826608)
 - Retrieve SSH keys from IMDS first with OVF as a fallback (#509)
   [Thomas Stringer]
 - Add jqueuniet as contributor (#569) [Johann Queuniet]
 - distros: minor typo fix (#562)
 - Bump the integration-requirements versioned dependencies (#565)
   [Paride Legovini]
 - network-config-format-v1: fix typo in nameserver example (#564)
 - Run cloud-init-local.service after the hv_kvp_daemon (#505)
   [Robert Schweikert]
 - Add method type hints for Azure helper (#540) [Johnson Shi]
 - systemd: add when is
   used (#546) [Paride Legovini]
 - LXD: detach network from profile before deleting it (#542)
   [Paride Legovini] (LP: #1776958)
 - redhat spec: add missing BuildRequires (#552) [Paride Legovini]
 - util: remove debug statement (#556) [Joshua Powers]
 - Fix cloud config on chef example (#551) [lucasmoura]

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