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Release notes 

Cloud-init release 21.3 is now available

The 21.3 release:
 * spanned about 4 months
 * had 28 contributors from 29 domains
 * fixed 8 Launchpad issues

 - Initial hotplug support
 - Datasource for VMware
 - Add support for VMware PhotonOS
 - ssh-util: allow cloudinit to merge all ssh keys into a custom user
   file, defined in AuthorizedKeysFile
 - Use instance-data-sensitive.json in jinja templates


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 - Azure: During primary nic detection, check interface status continuously
   before rebinding again (#990) [aswinrajamannar]
 - Fix home permissions modified by ssh module (SC-338) (#984)
   (LP: #1940233)
 - Add integration test for sensitive jinja substitution (#986)
 - Ignore hotplug socket when collecting logs (#985) (LP: #1940235)
 - testing: Add missing mocks to (#982)
 - add Zadara Edge Cloud Platform to the supported clouds list (#963)
 - testing: skip upgrade tests on LXD VMs (#980)
 - Only invoke hotplug socket when functionality is enabled (#952)
 - Revert unnecesary lcase in ds-identify (#978) [Andrew Kutz]
 - cc_resolv_conf: fix typos (#969) [Shreenidhi Shedi]
 - Replace broken httpretty tests with mock (SC-324) (#973)
 - Azure: Check if interface is up after sleep when trying to bring it up
   (#972) [aswinrajamannar]
 - Update dscheck_VMware's rpctool check (#970) [Shreenidhi Shedi]
 - Azure: Logging the detected interfaces (#968) [Moustafa Moustafa]
 - Change netifaces dependency to 0.10.4 (#965) [Andrew Kutz]
 - Azure: Limit polling network metadata on connection errors (#961)
 - Update inconsistent indentation (#962) [Andrew Kutz]
 - cc_puppet: support AIO installations and more (#960) [Gabriel Nagy]
 - Add Puppet contributors to CLA signers (#964) [Noah Fontes]
 - Datasource for VMware (#953) [Andrew Kutz]
 - photon: refactor hostname handling and add networkd activator (#958)
 - Stop copying ssh system keys and check folder permissions (#956)
   [Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito]
 - testing: port remaining cloud tests to integration testing framework
   (SC-191) (#955)
 - generate contents for ovf-env.xml when provisioning via IMDS (#959)
   [Anh Vo]
 - Add support for EuroLinux 7 && EuroLinux 8 (#957) [Aleksander Baranowski]
 - Implementing device_aliases as described in docs (#945)
   [Mal Graty] (LP: #1867532)
 - testing: fix (#954)
 - Add ability to manage fallback network config on PhotonOS (#941) [sshedi]
 - Add VZLinux support (#951) [eb3095]
 - VMware: add network-config support in ovf-env.xml (#947) [PengpengSun]
 - Update pylint to v2.9.3 and fix the new issues it spots (#946)
   [Paride Legovini]
 - Azure: mount default provisioning iso before try device listing (#870)
   [Anh Vo]
 - Document known hotplug limitations (#950)
 - Initial hotplug support (#936)
 - Fix MIME policy failure on python version upgrade (#934)
 - run-container: fixup the centos repos baseurls when using http_proxy
   (#944) [Paride Legovini]
 - tools: add support for building rpms on rocky linux (#940)
 - ssh-util: allow cloudinit to merge all ssh keys into a custom user
   file, defined in AuthorizedKeysFile (#937) [Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito]
   (LP: #1911680)
 - VMware: new "allow_raw_data" switch (#939) [xiaofengw-vmware]
 - bump pycloudlib version (#935)
 - add renanrodrigo as a contributor (#938) [Renan Rodrigo]
 - testing: simplify (#932)
 - freebsd/net_v1 format: read MTU from root (#930) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
 - Add new network activators to bring up interfaces (#919)
 - - Detect a Python version change and clear the cache (#857)
   [Robert Schweikert]
 - cloud_tests: fix the Impish release name (#931) [Paride Legovini]
 - Removed distro specific network code from Photon (#929) [sshedi]
 - Add support for VMware PhotonOS (#909) [sshedi]
 - cloud_tests: add impish release definition (#927) [Paride Legovini]
 - docs: fix stale links rename master branch to main (#926)
 - Fix DNS in NetworkState (SC-133) (#923)
 - tests: Add 'adhoc' mark for integration tests (#925)
 - Fix the spelling of "DigitalOcean" (#924) [Mark Mercado]
 - Small Doc Update for ReportEventStack and Test (#920) [Mike Russell]
 - Replace deprecated collections.Iterable with abc replacement (#922)
   (LP: #1932048)
 - testing: OCI availability domain is now required (SC-59) (#910)
 - add DragonFlyBSD support (#904) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
 - Use instance-data-sensitive.json in jinja templates (SC-117) (#917)
   (LP: #1931392)
 - doc: Update NoCloud docs stating required files (#918) (LP: #1931577)
 - build-on-netbsd: don't pin a specific py3 version (#913)
   [Gonéri Le Bouder]
 - - Create the log file with 640 permissions (#858) [Robert Schweikert]
 - Allow braces to appear in dhclient output (#911) [eb3095]
 - Docs: Replace all freenode references with libera (#912)
 - openbsd/net: flush the route table on net restart (#908)
   [Gonéri Le Bouder]
 - Add Rocky Linux support to cloud-init (#906) [Louis Abel]
 - Add "esposem" as contributor (#907) [Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito]
 - Add integration test for #868 (#901)
 - Added support for importing keys via primary/security mirror clauses
   (#882) [Paul Goins] (LP: #1925395)
 - [examples] config-user-groups expire in the future (#902)
   [Geert Stappers]
 - BSD: static network, set the mtu (#894) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
 - Add integration test for lp-1920939 (#891)
 - Fix unit tests breaking from new httpretty version (#903)
 - Allow user control over update events (#834)
 - Update test characters in substitution unit test (#893)
 - remove UDEVADM_CMD definition as not used (#886)
 - Add AlmaLinux OS support (#872) [Andrew Lukoshko]

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