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Framework for OpenStack High Availability Testing

Testing an OpenStack cloud for High Availability(HA) is a critical aspect of certifying an OpenStack Cloud for production. But testing an OpenStack cloud to ensure that it meets the criteria for High Availability can become quite complex and involves a combination of several aspects

Generating an initial load on the cloud before testing starts
Health checks to make sure the cloud is ready for HA testing
Running control/plane data plane tests in parallel with service disruptions
Active monitoring of the cloud during the HA test run
Quantification of failures and test results
This tool attempts to automate some of these workflows and makes it easier for the Cloud admin to trigger disruptions and asses "how available" the OpenStack cloud actually is.

Cloud99 has 3 important components built-in


All 3 of the above are written using a plugin model so there can be several monitors, disruptors and runners based on your OpenStack deployment.

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Dmitry Ratushnyy
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