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Contact Management Essentials is a project to manage essential information for contacts. The goal is to have any information that will store in bbdb or vCard versions 2 or 3.

Ideally CME will allow contact synchronization between various collections of contacts (bbdb, vcard, mozilla, yahoo, google mail, google voice, facebook, linked in, and more.

Are you frustrated with trying to synchronize contacts in various formats (bbdb, vcard, mozilla, yahoo, google mail, google voice, lookout)?

So am I.

I have developed a number of scripts and procedures for merging and de-duplicating contacts, but none are completely satisfying.

My plan is to

1) develop tools to merge and de-duplicate basic information (name, email addresses, phone numbers)
2) develop tools or procedures to import and export to various contact repositories (bbdb, vcard, yahoo, google, lookout)
3) expand the basic information to include some of the information fields found in bbdb, vcard, yahoo, google, lookout, and more.

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