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download icon OpenCobolIDE-4.6.2.dmg (md5) Mac OS X installer 162
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon OpenCobolIDE-4.6.2_Setup.exe (md5) Windows Installer 1,875
last downloaded 6 days ago
download icon OpenCobolIDE-4.6.2.tar.gz (md5) Source package 56
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,093

Release notes 

Major improvements to the Windows installer: the installer is now digitally signed and the bundled compiler has been updated from OpenCobol 1.1 to GnuCOBOL 1.1 (see the differences here: )

For other platforms, this just a bug fix release. The desktop file installation issue on linux is now resolved. The name of the executable on linux is now lower case (opencobolide instead of OpenCobolIDE)


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## New features:

- [Windows] Installer + own binaries are now digitally signed
- [Windows] The bundled compiler has been update from OpenCOBOL 1.1 to GnuCOBOL 1.1,
  see the list of differences here:
- You can now set the full compiler path instead of just the directory (e.g. /usr/bin/cobc instead of /usr/bin)
- Improve cobc --version parser to include the project name (GnuCOBOL, GnuCOBOL C++,...)
- Due to a bug with pip and the new wheel package, the executable name on linux is now lowercase (opencobolide instead
  of OpenCobolIDE).
- Add missing extensions to save as dialog and fix filters of open file dialog.
- Show a warning before executing restore to factory defaults.

## Fixed bugs:

- Fix installation of desktop files on linux.
- File system view was still fully reloaded needlessly
- Fix consistency in cobc commands (sometimes full path were used sometimes not)
- Fix about dialog closing on [CTRL]
- Fix an infinite recursion in get_dependencies if a module call itself
- Fix case of associated compiler extensions
- Fix a bug with file watcher if a file has been deleted externally and user choose to keep it in the editor
- Fix unicode decode error when the compiler is broken on windows
- Fix a few typos
- Fix creation of temporary files by linter (now they are back to the system temp folder)
- Fix shortcut conflict: F3 used for both goto and find next. The goto shortcuts has been reassigned to F7
- Fix misleading/false positive compilation message in case compiler failed but no output was given. Now the IDE
  will remove files before compiling and will check that the expected file has been created before claiming for

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