MySQL patches by Codership 5.6.15-25.2

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MySQL patches by Codership
Alex Yurchenko
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8 Seppo Jaakola, 2 Teemu Ollakka
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download icon mysql-5.6.15_wsrep_25.2.patch (md5) wsrep-25.2 patch for MySQL 5.6.15 108
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Source-only maintenance release. Binaries released by Percona on 2014-01-30:


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1254179 #1254179 DELETE FROM (w/o WHERE) crashes slaves if master does not have binlogging enabled 2 Critical Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1187526 #1187526 trx_commit_for_mysql() called twice in innobase_commit_low() 3 High Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1255501 #1255501 applier fails with lock wait timeout exceeded on rsync SST donor 3 High Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
1265656 #1265656 Node stuck when performing FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK; and DDL action. 3 High Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1267494 #1267494 Issues with replication from 5.5 node to 5.6 node 3 High Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1257341 #1257341 joiner does not init storage engines if rsync SST and first view is non-prim 4 Medium Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
1255147 #1255147 INSERT returns deadlock instead of duplicate key on secondary unique key collision 5 Low Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1271264 #1271264 InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 139864880994048 in file line 181 | UNIV_DEBUG 5 Low Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1236978 #1236978 Merge with MySQL 5.6.15 6 Wishlist Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1257678 #1257678 InnoDB table lock handling problem 1 Undecided Seppo Jaakola  10 Fix Released
1261634 #1261634 5.6.15-25.2 Release Chores 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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