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An infrastructural research project to see if dbus based data services can effectively allow data access to well defined classes of data from a variety of sources. Examples include, getting photos from google picasa and organising them into galleries for local consumption, accessing ipod galleries and local photos directories.

I have built a small example set of dbus services. Each plugin I develop will allow clients to use more and more different data sources and data classes. Each data class (such as photo galleries) will have a unique interface which will be tested with it's own harness.

The goal is to allow any application access to data by the class of that data. In an organised and structured fashion.

With the example above: Galleries, any photo supporting hardware would register their content with the service system and all photos/galleries would be accessible to all clients. The same can be said of online services, which need only a services management application to enable online content, to be delivered directly to the user in an organised manner in what ever application can tie into those services and take advantage of those data classes.

Other data to consider in this approach would be: contacts, calendars, notes(less so), music, videos and bookmarks.

The possibilities are very exciting and if you are interested in helping out with this research, I would welcome the peer review, technical discussion and coding from my fellow members of the ubuntu community.

I expect to keep core components free from dependencies outside of; It would be good to be able to introduce this as an infrastructural component.

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Martin Owens

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