Corotwine 0.1 released

Written for Corotwine by Christopher Armstrong on 2008-03-30

Corotwine 0.1 is now available. This is the initial release.

 * Twisted >= 8.1 (Ubuntu 'python-twisted',
   NOTE: Twisted 8.1 is not yet released! You will need to use SVN trunk
   for the time being.
 * Py Lib (Ubuntu 'python-codespeak-lib',


There are examples in corotwine/

There is API documentation at

Currently there are three interesting systems:

 * Protocol support at corotwine.protocol. Write TCP servers and clients.
 * Deferred support at corotwine.defer. Integrate with Deferred-using code
   in both directions.
 * Time support at corotwine.clock.


File bugs at

If you'd like to make contributions, please make sure they're unit-tested and

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