Cortex String Routines 2013.01

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Cortex String Routines
Matthew Gretton-Dann
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Release notes 

This package contains optimised string routines including memcpy(), memset(),
strcpy(), strlen() for the ARM Cortex-A series of cores.

Various implementations of these routines are provided, including generic
implementations for ARMv7-A cores with/without Neon, an implementation tuned
for Cortex-A9 and generic implementations for cores supporting AArch64.

Optimised versions of the following routines are included (not necessarily for all targets)
 * memchr
 * memcpy
 * memset
 * strchr
 * strlen and strnlen
 * strcpy
 * strcmp and strncmp

as well as a testsuite and benchmark harness for testing correctness and performance.


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This release of Cortex String Routines adds more optimised routines, and support for AArch64.

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