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A desktop wallpaper management application for GNOME.

Cortina is a lightweight wallpaper manager/slideshow software for Linux that changes your desktop wallpaper using images you have selected, at an interval that you set. Cortina lets you create an 'Ubuntu Wallpaper Slideshow' on your desktop. Cortina is an easy to use tray application, written in C++, using a QT GUI, and a file-system watcher.

You can add my PPA with: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cs-sniffer/cortina

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Eric Baudach
Eric Baudach

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  • Gnome3 support on 2011-07-05
    Cortina is works now on both Gnome version the old one and Gnome3!
  • Testers for the new 0.8 release on 2011-07-02
    Some testers are needed again, for the new 0.8 release. You can add the test...
  • Cortina PPA on 2011-06-24
    On Ubuntu you can use the following commands to add my ppa and install cortin...
  • Natty on 2011-06-20
    The new 0.7 release can be used under natty now!
  • Tester needed on 2010-12-19
    I'm currently working on a new version but I need some people for testing. Yo...